Copenhagen Unity Meetup- GDC 2020 Talks on UIElements, UI Builder & Shader Graph

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Join us for the next Unity meetup at the Unity HQ to hear special GDC talks from Unity's Chema Damak and Amel Negra about the new UIElements system, the UI Builder and Shader Graph!

Chema Damak
UIElements & UI Builder: A new way to customise the Unity Editor

Quick overview on how to leverage the UI Builder, a visual tool that lets artists and designers easily create Editor extensions using UI components such as buttons, scrollers, toggles, and text fields, and update the UIElements framework (stylesheet, hierarchy) in real-time.

Amel Negra
Shader Graph in Universal Render Pipeline

Creating shaders without code? Learn how to get started with Shader graph in Universal Render Pipeline. Whether you are a programmer, artist or UI designer, it is never too late to start using Shader Graph! Join us to learn how to add juiciness to your games through a few examples that will be shown as a demo.

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18:00 - 20:30 March 9, 2020


Unity Technologies
Niels Hemmingsens Gade 24
Copenhagen, Dinamarca

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