Objects in 3D Game Kit

Verificado com a versão: 2018.1


Dificuldade: Principiante


The Kit has 2 type of weapons: Melee and Range weapons.

Melee Weapon

The Melee Weapon is used on 3 objects in the game:

  • Ellen Staff

  • The Chomper (its bite is a melee weapon)

  • The Grenadier fist for its punch attack

A Melee weapon is composed of Attack Points which are spheres that define what part of the weapon causes damage. They are defined as an offset from a GameObject (called the Attack Root) and a radius for their size.

Attack points are visualised in the Scene View as white transparent spheres :

Range Weapon

The Range Weapon is used by:

  • The Spitter for its acid spit

  • The Grenadier for its bouncing grenade.

A Range weapon has two settings:

  • Muzzle Offset Where the projectile comes from. The Muzzle Offset is visualized in the SceneView as a yellow cross which helps position it.

  • Projectile Which projectile the weapon will launch.


Projectile is a custom written script (inheriting from the Projectile class), but the Spitter Spit can be an easy way to do your own.

  • Shot Type: The type of projectile you want to use.

    • HIGHEST_SHOT: Makes the highest parabola based on the speed you set.

    • MOST_DIRECT: Makes the smallest parabola (i.e. most direct shot) based on the speed set.

    • LOWEST_SPEED: Makes a parabola between the shooting position and the target at the lowest speed possible (this setting is used in the kit).

  • Explosion Timer: If this is greater than zero, the projectile will explode only after that time. Otherwise, if less than 0, the projectile will explode on contact.