Cinemachine Clear Shot Camera Tutorial

Verificado com a versão: 2017.1


Dificuldade: Principiante

Learn how to use Cinemachine Clear Shot to always pick a valid shot for the subject of your game or animation. Download the assets for this tutorial here -

And open the project with Unity 2017.x. To begin, open the ‘ClearShot-Start’ Scene inside the _Tutorial folder.

Learning Objectives - 1. How to add Clear Shot system to a scene 2. How to follow focus with Post Processing Stack and Cinemachine 3. How to make jump cuts 4. How to create variety using differing 'lenses' in the scene

Recap of the key steps -

  1. From the Top Menu - Cinemachine - 'Create ClearShot Virtual Camera' and assign 'Look At' of the Clear Shot component to Character's follow target child object.
  2. The Main Camera gets a 'Cinemachine Brain' component added automatically
  3. We add a 'Cinemachine Post FX' component to Main Camera to sync it with the Post Processing Stack. We assign the same Post Processing Profile asset to the component, and check 'Focus Tracks Target' to enable follow focus.
  4. We ensure that the 'Clear Shot' GameObject also has a Cinemachine Collider component attached to make it aware of the 3D space.
  5. To jump cut between cameras, we choose Default Blend 'Cut' on the Clear Shot component.

Cinemachine Clear Shot Camera Tutorial

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