Third-Party Profiler

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Additionally, to profiling your application with the built-in Unity Profiler, it’s essential to also profile with platform-specific tools. For information on how to use those tools, please refer to the documentation from the vendor. The following table includes profiling tools for different platforms.

Tool Target Devices GPU CPU System Description OS API
RenderDoc any Yes A stand-alone graphics debugger with single-frame capturing. Windows Linux DirectX OpenGL Vulcan
Tracelogging any Yes A trace utility provided by Windows for performance analysis. The tool lets you profile the whole system and not just the GPU. Windows
GPUView & XPerf any Yes Yes A tool to profile both GPU and CPU performance with DirectX applications. It is precise, has low overhead, and covers the whole Windows ecosystem, and custom event manifests. Windows DirectX
APITrace any Yes Yes A open source trace toolkit. Windows Linux macOS DirectX OpenGL ES OpenCL
NSight NVIDIA GPU Yes Yes Available in a Visual Studio version and as an Eclipse version. Windows DirectX OpenGL
OpenGL Profiler macOS Yes A tool for debugging and optimizing OpenGL applications. macOS OpenGL
XCode Frame Debugger macOS iDevices Yes Xcode tools for debugging, and analyzing frames. macOS iOS OpenGL ES Metal
Instruments macOS iDevices Yes Yes Yes An tool that offers allocations, power management and timing profiling tools. macOS iOS OpenGL ES OpenGL Metal
Android Tools Android Yes Yes Yes See Android Tools table. Android OpenGL ES Vulcan
Visual Studio Graphics Diagnostics any Yes A set of tools for recording and analyzing application rendering and performance problems. Windows DirectX
WPA Intel, AMD Yes Yes A trace tool for analyzing Windows system and application performance. Windows
Linux Graphics Debugger any YES A tool for debugging and profiling applications on Linux. Linux OpenGL
Code XL AMD YES YES A tool suite for debugging, analysis and profiling applications running on AMD CPUs. Windows Linux OpenGL OpenCL
GPU Performance Studio AMD Yes A set of integrated tools for analysis and debugging applications running on AMD GPUs. Windows Linux DirectX OpenGL Vulcan OpenGLES
GLSL-Debugger any Yes A tool for debugging OpenGL programs. Previously called glslDevil. Windows Linux OpenGL
GLIntercept any Yes An OpenGL function call interceptor for Windows. Windows OpenGL
WebGL-Inspector any A WebGL debugging toolkit. any WebGL