Zero budget game marketing

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"How to Successfully Market Your Indie Game on a $0 Budget", a talk by Emmy Jonassen at Konsoll 2013, provides affordable, yet effective marketing tactics for indie developers. Konsoll is a conference organized by "The Game Developers Guild" find out more at See the original post at:

Zero budget game marketing

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Emmy Jonassen aka Indie Game Girl

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Emmy Jonassen, a.k.a., the Indie Game Girl, is a Boston-based marketing professional with 10 years of agency- and client-side experience. Over the past five years, Emmy has led acquisition and engagement marketing initiatives for two multi-billion dollar technology companies, including Dassault Systèmes, maker of the 3DVIA Studio game engine. Through her professional collaborations with independent game developers, Emmy has developed a deep understanding of the marketing challenges that keep indie games from becoming successful. In Sept. 2012, with the philosophy that winning games require exceptional design AND marketing, Emmy started Indie Game Girl–a free marketing resource for indies that provides actionable, step-by-step instruction.