Correção 2017.1.0p5

Liberado: 25. August 2017

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Estamos felizes em anunciar a Unity 2017.1.0p5. As Notas da Edição e o link correspondente à Gestão de problemas para os problemas corrigidos nesta edição aparecem abaixo.

Como sempre, as edições de correção são recomendadas apenas para os usuários afetados pelos problemas corrigidos nessa correção.


  • Editor: Added editor strings (profiler, Unity remote & etc.) for 2nd gen. iPad Pro.
  • Linux: Print log file path before redirecting.
  • Windows Player: Improved "Oops!" crash dialog.
  • Windows: Added API to expose crash dump report path: UnityEngine.Windows.CrashReporting.


  • Editor: On Material inspector "Enable Instancing" is changed to "Enable GPU Instancing".
  • Licenses: Updated FBX license to require acceptance of FBX SDK license (


  • (935388) - 2D: Fixed an issue whereby Sprite Atlas variant would pack without an error when master was compressed with crunched.
  • (none) - Android: Fixed the issue where OBB was not available after installing from Google Play on some phones until device was restarted.
  • (937875) - Android: Fixed an issue having lots of VBOs allocated even for an empty scene on Android during application startup.
  • (925738) - Android: [VideoPlayer] H264 video doesn't loop on HTC One (OS 4.2.2)
  • (none) - Android: Apps no longer signed with signature scheme v2 when building for oculus.
  • (none) - Animation: Fixed bad frame when changing Playable Graph during StateMachineBehaviours.
  • (930819) - Asset Bundles: Fixed an issue where calling LoadAllAssets with a type parameter could cause loading errors.
  • (917568) - Build Pipeline: Fixed incorrect mesh channel stripping when mesh was used as a shape emitter in particle systems.
  • (932469) - Collaborate: Fixed an issue with the initial collaborate publish where it will continuously retry upon failure.
  • (908324) - Editor: Fixed the inability to rename a objects in the Hierarchy view if LookDev was open.
  • (none) - Editor: Fixed LookDev rendering issues: Frame to object feature, Initial position of prefabs in LookDev.
  • (925913) - Editor: Calculate mipmap count properly when importing NPOT textures with '-nographics'.
  • (858928) - Editor: Ensure that an asset preview is always provided.
  • (none) - Editor: Fixed player build success notification.
  • (none) - Editor: Fixed one case of importing projects from very old Unity versions.
  • (932793) - Editor: Fixed a crash when loading scenes created in Unity versions before 2017.1 with specific lighting setup.
  • (873823) - Editor: Fixed in-launcher names of projects loaded via relative path.
  • (932630) - Editor: Fixed screen capture.
  • (920781) - Graphics: Don't enable blending on unsupported pixel formats on Metal.
  • (915959) - Graphics: Ensure textures are not created with too high mip count on Metal.
  • (916425) - Graphics: Fixed memory leak in Editor scene view.
  • (909829) - Graphics: Fixed different sampling on sRGB RenderTextures compared to non-sRGB RenderTextures when in Gamma space in standalone players.
  • (918642) - Graphics: Fixed a crash when a valid Mesh had no submeshes.
  • (902870) - Graphics: Fixed a crash when adding CommandBuffers during OnPreCull callabck and visualizing occlusion data with lighting enabled.
  • (918636) - Graphics: Fixed a rare case when shader compilation failed with error message "Failed to find parameters of a compiled D3D9 shader".
  • (917105) - Graphics: Rendering optimistion for GLES graphics API.
  • (898184) - Graphics: Fixed a crash when Vulkan loader was installed but no drivers were installed and Vulkan was used as the default API.
  • (918993) - Graphics: Fixed a deadlock when building lighting in Editor or during a player build.
  • (826751) - Graphics: Fixed a crash when using Compute Shader with very large number of thread groups i.e. greater than 500,000.
  • (922739) - Graphics: Fixed an issue whereby Terrain not showing wireframe in shaded-wireframe mode.
  • (922996) - Graphics: Fixed a crash when assigning (invalid) Mesh to a SkinnedMeshRenderer from script in standalone player.
  • (922715) - Graphics: Fixed a crash on exit from fullscreen player when using OpenGLCore graphics API.
  • (733687) - Graphics: Fixed Mesh becoming offset and scaled when accessing 'mesh' property on a MeshFilter on a static GameObject and static batching was enabled.
  • (803067) - Graphics: Fixed dynamic batching overwriting the vertex colour stream on untextured meshes.
  • (none) - Graphics: Fixed loading shaders in a variant collection not loading the variants from all passes which match.
  • (924625) - Graphics: Changed every instance of the string "Custom Texture" to "Custom Render Texture" in menus and tooltips.
  • (none) - Graphics: Cubemap Custom Render Texture initialization is now applied to all faces (regardless of active face update flags).
  • (none) - Graphics: Fixed GPU profiler block for Custom Texture Update.
  • (925171) - Graphics: Fixed a crash in Custom Render Texture when switching target platforms in the Editor.
  • (914676) - Graphics: Fixed the scale and rotation matrix on the PreviewRenderUnility Camera having no effect.
  • (848934, 827583) - Graphics: Improved line and trail rendering, when trying to display overlapping/nearby points
  • (929802, 930163, 930252) - IL2CPP: Fixed various crashes.
  • (921467, 936096, 929802, 930163) - IL2CPP: Prevent a compilation error in the generated code for some Windows Store apps.
    • Prevent a failure during code conversion when a constrained method call is made on a volatile type.
    • Prevent a possible crash in List.AddRange.
  • (none) - iOS: Fixed trampoline compilation issues for iOS 11 simulator.
  • (934901) - iOS: Fixed 'Stale touch detected!' error message that showed up after minimizing, re-opening an app and immediate start tapping the screen with multiple fingers.
  • (938975) - iOS: Use YIELD for atomic_pause on ARM.
  • (none) - Launcher: Fixed the issue where Remember me did not work when using the Web hosted sign in.
  • (938693) - Launcher: Fixed an issue that Web Signin would print loading error in Editor.log (with access token).
  • (938742) - Launcher: Fixed the launcher offline issue.
  • (880426) - Linux: Addiitonal fix for initializing screen dimensions (mouse input).
  • (none) - Linux: Fallback to xinerama/xvidmode for video modes initialization if xrandr fails.
  • (832192) - Networking: UnityWebRequest: Fixed an issues where cookies were not sent on redirect.
  • (917133) - OSX: Fixed a crash when WebCamTexture is used.
  • (927395) - Particles: Fixed mesh particles becoming inverted when using render alignment - View.
  • (859361) - Platforms: Fixed a crash when '-cleanedLogFile' was passed but no log file name was given.
  • (918651) - Scripting: Fixed managed debugger on Windows hanging when all scripts with OnAudioFilterRead have been disabled.
  • (none) - Scripting: Fixed an issue when using SimplifyPoints and the provided array was too small. 
  • (934819) - Scripting: Fixed an issue where the send function from our synchronization context would fail to execute on the main thread.
  • (931213) - Scripting: Fixed WWW class being unsafe for multiple invocations of Dispose().
  • (926516) - Scripting: Fixed a potential domain reload issue in play mode when trying to validate scripts.
  • (923165) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed memory corruption/crash after domain reload when using Assembly.Load(Byte[]).
  • (934518) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed export package window tree structure.
  • (930594) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed an exception when calling 'System.Reflection.MonoProperty.GetterAdapterFrame' on AOT platforms.
  • (930644) - Scripting Upgrade: Improved distribution of Guid.GetHashCode().
  • (920772) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed a crash when System.Reflection.Emit was used to generate assemblies for the AppDomain.AssemblyResolve event.
  • (899502) - Shaders: Fixed GLSL shader compile errors due to lack of default precision specifier.
  • (898262) - Terrain: Fixed an issue where error messages about JobTempAlloc would appear in player output log if trees were used on a terrain.
  • (929987) - Terrain: Fixed a crash that could happen when you have a very large number of terrains with SpeedTree trees on them.
  • (934535) - Timeline: Fixed root motion on humanoid characters when there were no base animation clips.
  • (none) - Timeline: Rebuild Graph performances improvements.
    • Preventing clips from drawing outside of the visible area.
  • (935390) - UI: Sprite Atlas variant will display correct on Image component.
  • (934842) - UI: GraphicRaycaster and EventSystem performance improvements.
  • (none) - Universal Windows Platform: Fixed building generated UWP projects with Visual Studio 2017.3 when using .NET scripting backend
  • (928646) - Windows: Crash dumps are written to users' Persistent Data Path, resolving an issue where installing Unity games to Program Files caused crash dumps to fail.

Revision: de463fc61bac