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  • 2D: Fixed Unity Editor crash during Sprite Atlas packing. (1029266)

  • Android: Fixed for Android Dynamic feature crashes the application when running the build via Android Studio. (1100785)

  • Android: Fixed instancing not working in some situations on Adreno GPUs (1053324, 1102804)

  • Android: Fixed instancing not working in some situations on PowerVR GPUs (1109159)

  • Animation: Fixed avatar preview pan position being reset whenever editing animation events. (1067998)

  • Editor: Fixed curve editor and dopesheet controls disappearing when entering play mode in the editor. (1035934, 1040997)

  • Editor: Fixed issue where specifying frustum view point would actually use it as base for the near plane. (1081967)

  • Editor: Fixed this issue by restricting the insertion of menu items into a given submenu to a prescribed limit of 1000 items and displays a warning about the same. (1039181)

  • Graphics: Fixed JobTempAlloc memory leak and random crash when rendering a scene with a SpriteRenderer when using Graphics Jobs. (1100859)

  • Graphics: Fixed submitting non-instanced property arrays via DrawMeshInstanced. (1010738, 1108825)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed crash when using the Environment.MachineName property on some machines when targeting UWP and make it return results consistent with the Standalone Player. (1093953)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed InvalidCastException that can sometimes happen when passing managed object that derives from a native Windows Runtime class to native code. For instance, this happens when deriving from Windows.UI.Xaml.Control.ContentDialog and trying to show it. (1104540)

  • Mobile: Fixed crash that happens if native library initialization fails for any reason (1097013)

  • Scripting: Fixed an issue with static members such as generic classes with their argument being an array type not being reported the memory snapshot API. (984330)

  • Scripting: Fixed random crash in Asset GC. (1091878)

  • Shuriken: Fixed Renderer.bounds returning the wrong bounds when multiple renderers were on the same GameObject. (1088716, 1089020)

  • UI: Fixed InputField gets corrupted and ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when using certain emojis. (1050713)

  • UI: Fixed material being made dirty when rendering with a RectMask2D. (967024)

  • UI: Fixed performance regression with RectTransform animation (1104878)

  • Unity Test Runner: Fixed non-printable characters in native test name output are now printed correctly. (1044529)

Changeset: 47cd37c28be8

Changeset: 47cd37c28be8

Unity 2017.4.19

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