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2018.4.8f1 Release Notes


  • 2D: Sprite packing improvements for certain sprite arrangements. (1002004, 1174641)

  • Android: Changed the message to be more clear for the end user when local storage is full. (1171893, 1174692)

  • Android: Fixed performance penalty when using Vulkan on Android Q preview 5. (1169046, 1174595)

  • Animation: Expose keyframe reduction options on GameObjectRecorder.SaveToClip(). (1166522, 1169816)

  • Animation: Fixed fetching of AnimationClip in override controller for Asset Bundles when AnimationClip is not yet loaded. (1165817, 1169827)

  • Asset Import: Fixed assets saved from Excel, Word and similar applications failing to import correctly. (1037669, 1158652)

  • Asset Import: Updated file opening to use FILE_SHARE_READ | FILE_SHARE_WRITE | FILE_SHARE_DELETE share mode when opening file for read on Windows.

  • Build Pipeline: Fixed a crash on Standalone Player when assets with Editor only serialized properties. (1144591, 1165737)

  • Build Pipeline: Fixed sprite sheets in asset bundles built by scriptable build pipeline crash on access. (1146568, 1167255)

  • Deployment Management: Fixed an issue with throwing BuildFailedException from a build callback not failing the build. (1097286, 1159247)

  • Editor: "Unsupported image when converting for NSImage" log is now a DebugAssert, which will prevent the assert from being logged on build machines. (1171194, 1172201)

  • Editor: Fixed an error message when calling AssetDatabase.ImportPackage on a package that contains scripts. (1158305, 1165964)

  • Editor: Fixed gradient editor window closing automatically when clicking on color picker. (1059666, 1161112)

  • Editor: Fixed in issue where selecting a shader and viewing it in the inspector would cause materials to be kept around longer than required. (1162855, 1174895)

  • Editor: Fixed incorrect colorspace for IMGUI in GameView. (1168191, 1173824)

  • Editor: Fixed occasional crash when importing Compute Shaders for Metal (1171627, 1175330)

  • Editor: Optimized the search for removed components for nested prefab. (1137064, 1159019)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue generating small mipmap levels for some DXTn/BCn formats. (1153511, 1169239)

  • Graphics: Fixed excessive stripping of shaders without users keywords resulting in missing usage of vertex components and discarding them. (914736, 1149321)

  • Graphics: Fixed issue which would cause the bounding box of a cloth component to be miscalculated. (879696, 1153167)

  • Graphics: Fixed rare deadlock in CreateGpuProgram when multithreaded rendering is enabled on mobile devices. (1164492, 1174041)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed an issue with IL2CPP not returning null when calling Activator.CreateInstance() with a nullable type, which is the expected behavior when compared to Mono and .NET. (1172280, 1173453)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed an issue with IL2CPP where casting a negative float to an unsigned integer type would produce different results between x86 and ARM platforms. (1166109, 1173699)

  • Kernel: Fixed player crash due to stack overflow in Loading.PreloadManager thread. (1162496, 1176882)

  • Licenses: Added the ability to configure Licensing Client connection timeout values. (1171494, 1171498)

  • Mobile: Fixed Android resolution changing in split-screen mode. (1145325, 1160383)

  • Package Manager: Fixed an issue where updating a package in a project could fail with a permission error. (1174911, 1175427)

  • Particles: Fixed a case where particle trails could flicker if their owning system used ParticleSystem.SetParticles in script during LateUpdate. (1155826, 1171471)

  • Particles: Fixed a crash if using a non-read-write mesh from an Asset Bundle in the Particle System Shape Module. (1167081, 1171474)

  • Particles: Fixed case where Auto Random Seed was ignored for the Emission Rate property. (1166733, 1171469)

  • Particles: Fixed case where trails sometiems did not disappear. (1162394, 1171478)

  • Particles: Fixed erroneous GetTransformInfoExpectUpToDate message. (1098990, 1171480)

  • Physics: Fixed bodies not following their parent sometimes. (1140632, 1155357)

  • Physics: Fixed crash that happened during simulation right after destroying a hierarchy of GOs that had nested Rigidbody components attached. (1122684, 1158547)

  • Physics2D: Fixed implicitly created static ground-body beign shown in the static body count in the profiler 2D physics area. (1143465, 1148739)

  • Prefabs: Fixed GameObjects and components with a DontSave flag (specifically DontSaveInEditor) showing up in the Prefab overrides dropdown since they don't get applied or reverted anyway. (1173465, 1175220)

  • ps4: Fixed redirected webrequests. (1174833, 1176142)

  • Scripting: Fixed issue with Assembly Definition File inspector not showing if Name field is empty. (1153357, 1158576)

  • Scripting: Fixed issue with SerializedProperty.objectReferenceInstanceIDValue emitting asserts to the console. (1169801, 1171722)

  • Scripting: Fixed serializedProperty.objectReferenceInstanceIDValue returns 0 for missing asset references. (1151910, 1157283)

  • UI: Fixed issue with null TransformHierarchy while Updating RectTransform. (1102234, 1158045)

  • UI: Fixed UI scaling incorrectly when using Constant Physical Size mode on android device. (1136224, 1161879)

  • Vulkan: Fixed memory leak when using Vulkan. (1137290, 1148725)

  • WebGL: Fixed Xbox One Gamepad triggers are not working in WebGL builds. (873218, 1173466)

  • Windows: Fixed an animation bug in the PlayerSettings editor when it is included in the Universal Settings window. (1152070, 1158002)

  • Windows: Fixed UnityWebRequest so it'll honor the network Proxy 'bypass list' from Windows configuration. (1165762, 1172900)

  • XR: Fixed being unable to save world anchors to the store using holographic simulate in editor. (1156868, 1163556)

  • XR: Fixed device apis coming back with incorrect values in Simulation. (1158726, 1163550)

  • XR: Fixed editor crash when using holographic emulator with hololens. (1141385, 1163561)

  • XR: Fixed hands selection no longer being controllable from script. (1152960, 1163553)

  • XR: Fixed null dereference when accessing to vr eye texture manager instance. (1115371, 1171506)

  • XR: Fixed WMR devices asserting when playing in editor. (1159961, 1159962)

  • XR: Prevented Hololens application pausing when switching focus to a 2D view within a running application.

Changeset: 9bc9d983d803

Unity 2018.4.8

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