Unity 4.5.1

The Unity 4.5.1 release brings you some improvements and fixes. Read the release notes below for details.

For more information about the previous main release, see the Unity 4.5 Release Notes.

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Notas da Edição


  • iOS: add support for script debugging over USB


  • 2D: Very thin down-scaled textures will now produce sprites correctly.
  • 2D: Fixed auto-simplification of sprite meshes. Considerably less vertices/triangles will be generated.
  • Editor: Fixed ETC2/ASTC texture display for lower mip levels when the editor is run in DX11 mode
  • Graphics: Fixed GUIText not being shown if it only consists of Unicode characters
  • iOS: Fixed case of resolution/orientation setting when Unity player takes only part of the screen
  • iOS: Fixed Unity Remote touch event queuing under stress conditions
  • iOS: Fixed 2D rendering when sprite does not have tangents, but has normals
  • iOS: fixed autorotation issues on iOS 8
  • iOS: fixed Xcode project build under Xcode6 preview
  • iOS: fixed splashscreen misrecognition for iOS Free license users on iPad-only apps
  • iOS: fixed corner case of RenderTexture creation
  • iOS: fixed lighting being broken while starting in landscape orientation
  • Linux/OSX: Fix linear lighting when antialiasing is enabled in upscaled fullscreen mode.
  • Linux: Fix initial cursor visibility setting when antialiasing is enabled.
  • Linux: Fix asset bundle caching.
  • MonoDevelop: Fix to correctly close MonoDevelop when not in focus on OS X. MonoDevelop will no longer prevent logging out.
  • OSX: Fix stack trace generation on crash.
  • OSX: Fixed PS3/PS4 bluetooth pads crashing editor when run.
  • Windows Phone/Windows Store Apps: Unity now correctly marshals Collision2D.relativeVelocity to C# code
  • Windows Phone: Fixed clearing splashscreen if camera in first scene has no clear flag
  • Windows Phone: Input.gyro.gravity now correctly returns data from orientation sensor
  • Windows Phone: Fixed an issue which caused compressed meshes to blink in certain situations
  • Windows Phone/Windows Store Apps: Unity will now correctly build player if plugins use .NET 4.5 APIs that are not available in .NET 3.5
  • Windows Phone: Input.GetJoystickNames now returns an empty string rather than preventing player build
  • Windows Phone/Windows Store Apps: Fixed an issue which caused player crash when Collider2D NonAlloc API variants were used

Known Issues

  • Audio: [Angry Bots] Sound of the rain disappears when it shouldn't
  • iOS: 4.5.1 needs Vuforia plug-in to be upgraded to very latest version
  • iOS: You won’t be able to enable MSAA/stencil for backbuffer if you use Xcode 6 beta for building final application
  • Physics2D: Hinge and Wheel 2D joints start scene as if they were asleep


Unity 4.5.1

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