Unity 5.5.6

The Unity 5.5.6 public release brings you a few fixes. Read the release notes below for details.

For more information about the previous main release, see the Unity 5.5.5 Release Notes.

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  • Android: Fixed black screen on startup on Android Oreo devices. (945338, 946061)
  • Animation: Fixed alpha channel being animated when in linear color mode. (935087)
  • Editor: Fixed the callback registration crashing when entering playmode. (873467)
  • Graphics: [Metal] Fixed Z-fighting artifacts on certain devices. (950978)
  • Graphics: Fixed an occasional flicker of graphics elements on metal. (910406)
  • Graphics: Fixed Sprite Mode regression in the Inspector Import Settings so it defaults to Single rather than None, when an image was imported. (921598)
  • Graphics: Fixed Texture2D.ReadPixels reading from the wrong location on iOS/Metal when reading a section of an image. (826244)
  • iOS: Addressed a compatibility issue that was preventing apps from compiling for the iOS 11 Simulator. (934878, 953124)
  • Metal: Fixed a shader compilation regression on macOS 10.11.6 and iOS 8.x and earlier. (952020, 952233)
  • Mono: Avoid stack overflow from occurring in Unity liveness logic (asset GC). Note that this has been fixed only for both standalone and mobile platforms. (935563)
  • OSX: Fixed editor crash when using GLCore on High Sierra with Intel 6xxx series GPU. (963868) (956156)
  • UI: Fixing an issue with Input Field caret not masking properly. (743134)
  • UI: Fixed an issue whereby the CanvasManager cleared the stencil buffer every frame. (905337, 958707)
  • XR: Fixed a crash in ovrp_SetOverlayQuad3 in player when entering/exiting fullscreen mode on PC. (913717)

Revision: 3fb31a95adee

Changeset: 3fb31a95adee

Unity 5.5.6

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