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  • 2D - Added parameter to Sprite.Create to specify if a fallback physics shape is generated. False by default.
  • Android - Added API 26 and 27 to scripting and Editor.
  • Audio - Fixed audio profiler slowness caused by iteration of unused channels attached to the FMOD master group.
  • Metal - Enabled 32bit index buffer support on Intel GPUs starting macOS 10.13.4.
  • Mobile - Improved Ping class performance on devices supporting ICMP sockets, more information in Ping scripting documentation.


  • (1016640) - Android: Fixed apk signer v2 being used when building Oculus apps with gradle.
  • (1014623) - Android: Fixed incorrectly including files to noCompress when their extensions are already included by default.
  • (986780) - Android: Disabled warnings in ProGuard by default; fixes build errors with 3rd party plugins.
  • (1009641) - Asset Bundles: Fixed crash when building Asset Bundles.
  • (1008371) 1006573 - Core: Fixed a regression in memory usage at startup in Editor and Player.
  • (975341) 956741 - DirectX 12: Fixed Standalone crashing when using DestroyImmediate on a Texture2D when graphics jobs are enabled.
  • (1014167) - Editor: Fixed starting Unity from the Unity Hub disables File menu and other key bindings.
  • (966404) - Editor: Fixed Editor crashes in "RenderSelectionOutline" when using ImageEffectAllowedInSceneView and set camera's targetTexture to null.
  • (1016691) 978204 - Editor: Fixed opening project in editor causing newly spawn instance to get stalled/suspended.
  • (963576) - Graphics: Fixed objects using HideAndDontSave being visible in preview windows, after being disabled and enabled.
  • (1009868) - Graphics: Fixed Tangents on the LineRenderer, which would cause Normal Maps to look incorrect.
  • (1021655) - Graphics: Fixed occasional graphical corruption when using marquee selection on dynamic geometry, such as Lines, Particles and Trails.
  • (1017529) - Graphics: Fixed LineRenderer scripting bug where start/end width would sometimes not update correctly if set from script.
  • (1019586) - IL2CPP: Prevented an error during code conversion related to a missing RGCTX entry for type T that can occur with an unbox opcode for a nullable type.
  • (1021529) 1013634 iOS: Fixed showing both orientation custom Launch Images on Landscape orientation.
  • (1016731) 991204 - iOS: Fixed build failing with error "DXT1 compressed textures are not supported when publishing to iPhone".
  • (967197) - iOS: Fixed an audio crash when moving an app to the background, and back to the foreground.
  • (947049) - Linux: Fixed Linux touch input for mouse events.
  • (978602) - Mobile: Fixed screen flicker when launching Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie.
  • (1008385) - Multiplayer: Fixed editor crashing in AddWebsocketHost on a second instance using the same port.
  • (1006947) - Particles: Improved Dynamic Batching when systems with 0 particles exist in the scene.
  • (1013161) - Particles: Fixed Rate Over Distance script setter property.
  • (1006435) - Particles: Fixed crash in AnimationCurveTpl::Evaluate when setting XYZ curves to mismatched modes via script.
  • (994938) - Particles: Fixed rare case where bounding boxes could be incorrect on procedural systems.
  • (998680) - Particles: Fixed invalid bounding box errors when using scripted emission.
  • (976785) - PS Vita: Fixed video sample project so it correctly initialises the render texture before playing a video, and cleaned up some error and warning messages.
  • (991010) 981757 - Scripting: Fixed crash on the .NET backend when calling Unity APIs that take structs with with bool fields.
  • (1011626) - Scripting: Fixed crash when taking memory snapshot.
  • (989777) - Shaders: Fixed GLSL TranslateVariableNameWithMask() printing a swizzle on a wrong place.
  • (919351) - Shaders: Fixed an issue with the Shader Compiler which would result in GLSL based platforms not being able to compiler certain shaders.
  • (1006986) - Timeline: Fixed Copy/Paste between Timelines causing Groups Tracks to have incorrect parent.
  • (986040) 972997 - Video: Fixed flickering video playback on iOS/Metal.
  • (1017468) 976010 - WebRequest: Fixed crash when aborting AssetBundle download using UnityWebRequest.
  • (998331) - XR: Fixed XR.WSA.WorldManager.OnPositionalLocatorStateChanged() not getting called when state changes back to active.

Revision: 52d9cb89b362

Changeset: 52d9cb89b362

Unity 2017.4.2f2

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