Bengaluru Unity Meetup: Mobile AR: 3d model optimization process + Achieving high-fidelity lighting

14:00 - 16:00 February 22, 2020 в Bengaluru, India

On 22nd Feb, we're having a double blockbuster session with one of our member Viren sharing his process on the preparation of 3d assets for mobile AR/VR experiences. His session will be followed by another session by Himanshu, who will be presenting on the topic of achieving high-fidelity lighting for mobile AR.

Key highlights for Viren's session:
1. How to convert a high-poly model to low-poly in Blender.
2. UV unwrapping for the low-poly model in Blender.
3. Texture generation in Substance painter.

Key highlights for Himanshu's session:
1. Understanding the lighting cues for AR experiences.
2. Generating high-quality baked shadows for models.
3. Light estimation and Environmental HDR modes with Unity3d and AR Foundation.

Hope to see you on 22nd Feb!

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14:00 - 16:00 February 22, 2020


43, Residency Rd
Bengaluru, Индия