NYC Unity Meetup- "Made in NYC" Local Showcase @ Betaworks!

19:00 - 21:00 March 17, 2020 в New York, United States

This March - right in the middle of what used to be GDC week - let's meet up at Betaworks for an equally valuable professional networking and learning opportunity focused on Unity-using businesses in NYC!

This event will use our now-standard format, with stage demos from selected speakers in the Unity community, complemented by drinks and networking time during a pizza break, all at the best venue for developer meetings in NYC.

Here's our lineup this month:

*John B. and Luke W. - Mighty Immersion - Space Burgers 2*
Mighty Immersion will be our first speakers in the burgeoning MedVR space, and their VR software has already been deployed in hundreds of hospitals around the world. John and Luke will discuss how they make games that help people heal, and show off their latest title (or what *was* their latest title when they volunteered several months ago - thanks for your patience, guys!) Check out their work at .

*Nick S. - NormalVR -*
Normcore is an excellent, built-for-VR Unity networking solution crafted by the now-Brooklyn-based (and partly remote!) NormalVR, which has made a significant impact in our local XR dev community. Nick plans to walk through the platform, show off how it's used by clients and internally, and do a brief demo of the Unity setup process.

*Raul G. - Tinybop - Things That Go Bump*
Tinybop is an award-winning, Brooklyn-based studio which has shipped a huge suite of gorgeous, highly-polished educational children's apps for iOS & Android. Their founder and CEO will demo their first Apple Arcade product and show off how they Make with Unity.

Of course, this lineup is only a tiny, tiny reflection of Unity's commercial presence in NYC - in fact, we accidentally even limited ourselves to Brooklyn - but we like our meetups short and sweet.

As usual, we'll aim to start at 7 sharp to make sure we're out by 9p, and all are welcome to ping us with questions right here on Meetup or via our UnityNYC slack at

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you there!


And now, the usual note from our wonderful event host:

Betaworks Studios is a new drop-in member space for builders from different backgrounds. Created and curated by Betaworks, it is a space where builders can discover one another, meet, learn and experiment. Located in New York’s Meatpacking District it is the perfect clubhouse for people working in Technology, Media and Culture. For more info or to apply for membership, visit 

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19:00 - 21:00 March 17, 2020


29 Little West 12th Street
New York, США