Патч 2017.2.1p4

Выпущен: 12. February 2018

Помощник по загрузке редактора Unity

Установщики компонентов для Windows

Установщики компонентов для Mac

Мы рады анонсировать Unity 2017.2.1p4. Примечания к выпуску и ссылки на ошибки, исправленные в этом выпуске, показаны ниже.

Как всегда, устанавливать патч рекомендуется только тем, кто сам столкнулся с ошибками, исправленными в патче.


  • (962450) - Android: Fixed an issue where the full-screen movie player didn't autorotate.
  • (992023) - Android: Fixed a bug causing the loading of native audio plugins to fail on Android.
  • (989240) - Animation: Fixed a crash caused by invoking QueryComponentByType() when code stripping is enabled.
  • (991111) - Audio: Fixed a bug where AudioManager::Update was generating a small amount of garbage memory, if a spatializer was selected.
  • (975496) - IL2CPP: Improved the performance of code conversion when many nested generic types are used.
  • (947208) - IL2CPP: Implemented sending of email via SmtpClient with .NET 4.6.
  • (969958) - IL2CPP: Fixed crash in Unity Linker (System.InvalidProgramException: Failed to resolve [UnityEngine]System.Resources.NeutralResourcesLanguageAttribute) when using a managed DLL that has a non-existing attribute on it.
  • (959791) - IL2CPP: Fixed a problem with the decimal to double conversion implementation with the new scripting runtime.
  • (973052) - IL2CPP: Fixed potential crash when default parameter values are used.
  • (963246) - Launcher: Fix display of Unity Teams "Seat Required" message when project is both in the cloud and on disk.
  • (973813) - Metal: Fixed an edge case crash when using grab-pass on metal.
  • (None) - Multiplayer: Skipped soft socket error, to prevent host to be closed.
  • (984723) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed Socket.Send failing silently on Windows.
  • (954427) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed Android crash when NullReferenceException is raised.
  • (960555) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed crash when using 'fixed' statement on a string.
  • (973794) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed Android crash when script debugger is enabled.
  • (991464) - Scripting Upgrade: Corrected a C# compiler bug which could result in "the type cannot be used as type parameter `T' in the generic type or method" errors.
  • (935292) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed EntryPointNotFoundException when calling HTTPClient.GetAsync on Android.
  • (942966) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed crash when using named pipes.
  • (974228) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed crash on exit when script debugger is enabled.
  • (980816) - Services: Performance Reporting: Report device model field for Managed Exceptions.
  • (979700) - Timeline: Fixed an issue where custom tracks could be lost if they contained compile errors.
  • (986872) - Timeline: Fixed ArgumentOutOfRangeException that shows in console when shift-selecting a clip that was undo-move.
  • (991023) - UGUI: Fixed undoing the activation of a UI layout component not undoing the side effects to the children RectTransforms.
  • (991019) - UGUI: Fixed a driven RectTransform causing a scene to be constantly flagged as dirty.
  • (980327) - Web: Fixed Content-Disposition for file sections not being standard-compliant in UnityWebRequest.
  • (937594) - WebGL: Added indexedDB caching mechanism for XMLHttpRequest in WebGL.
  • (949379) - XR: Android - Fixed errors when building for Daydream and Cardboard with Proguard enabled.

Revision: 1992a1ed2d78