Патч 2017.3.1p1

Выпущен: 14. February 2018

Помощник по загрузке редактора Unity

Установщики компонентов для Windows

Установщики компонентов для Mac

Мы рады анонсировать Unity 2017.3.1p1. Примечания к выпуску и ссылки на ошибки, исправленные в этом выпуске, показаны ниже.

Как всегда, устанавливать патч рекомендуется только тем, кто сам столкнулся с ошибками, исправленными в патче.


  • Asset Import: Adjusted messaging around Substance Designer import removal.
  • XR: Android builds that enable ARCore no longer fail when the minimum Android SDK is less than 24.
  • XR: Standalone UWP applications targeting Windows Mixed Reality will now cause the OS to notify the user if the Mixed Reality components are not installed or a headset is not connected, rather than silently falling back to non-VR desktop mode.


  • (969827) - 2D: Fixed error message "A script behaviour has a different serialization layout when loading" when a Tilemap is loaded in players with code stripping.
  • (976411) - 2D: Fixed crash after building and loading an Asset Bundle with Tilemap in the Editor.
  • (972214) - 2D: Fixed crash when Tilemap is loaded with invalid Tiles in the Editor.
  • (965608) - 2D: Fixed Tilemap not setting Tiles with the correct data in players with code stripping.
  • (990691) - 2D: Fixed an issue that was causing the Physics Shape of a Sprite2D to not being properly set unless the 'Edit Physics Shape' tab was opened first.
  • (966605) - 2D: Fixed Physics2D.TilemapCollider.TileUpdate taking an extremely long time to update every time a script recompile happens.
  • (992023) - Android: Fixed a bug causing the loading of native audio plugins to fail on Android.
  • (962450) - Android: Fixed an issue where the full-screen movie player didn't autorotate.
  • (986004) - Animation: Fixed crash when importing animator controller with null transitions.
  • (950805) - Animation: Fixed state deselection in the Animator State Machine.
  • (947918) - Animation: Fixed Timeline Sequence not firing Animation Events.
  • (975824) (966082) - Animation: Fixed Animator.GetBehaviours returning an empty array after saving scene.
  • (975555) - Animation: Fixed crash when calling Animator.MatchTarget without a controller.
  • (962745) (938640) - Animation: Fixed a crash caused by invoking QueryComponentByType() when code stripping is enabled.
  • (984070) - Asset Bundles: Fixed crash when loading meshes from asset bundles that contain both compressed and uncompressed meshes.
  • (983321) - Asset Import: Fixed AssetPostprocessor.OnAssignMaterialModel not being called for all models when importing materials as sub-assets.
  • (991111) - Audio: Fixed a bug where AudioManager::Update was generating a small amount of garbage memory, if a spatializer was selected, that would later need to get garbage-collected.
  • (975773) - Cache Server: Fixed an issue where using a Cache Server and reimporting Assembly Definition files would fail to trigger rebuilding of the assembly.
  • (971434) - Editor: Fixed Editor hang when merging large changesets or large scene files with Collaborate.
  • (973052) - IL2CPP: Fixed an unlikely, but possible crash when default parameter values are used.
  • (976218) - IL2CPP: Enabled dead code stripping for clang toolchain.
  • (959791) - IL2CPP: Fixed a problem with the decimal to double conversion implementation with the new scripting runtime.
  • (969958) - IL2CPP: Fixed a crash in Unity Linker (System.InvalidProgramException: Failed to resolve [UnityEngine]System.Resources.NeutralResourcesLanguageAttribute) when using a managed - DLL that has a non-existing attribute on it.
  • (947208) - IL2CPP: Implemented sending of email via SmtpClient with .NET 4.6.
  • (976623) - IL2CPP: Implemented the EnsureSufficientExecutionStack method for .NET 4.6.
  • (975496) - IL2CPP: Improved the performance of code conversion when many nested generic types are used.
  • (973813) - Metal: Fixed an edge case crash when using grab-pass on metal.
  • (982435) - OSX: Fixed crash on Editor panel close on select versions of macOS.
  • (988874) - Particles: Fixed flickering due to a floating point error when sorting by youngest/oldest.
  • (982271) - Scripting: Fixed regression with Assembly-CSharp.dll and friends referencing editor only assemblies.
  • (991464) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed a C# compiler bug which could result in "the type cannot be used as type parameter `T' in the generic type or method" errors.
  • (935292) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed EntryPointNotFoundException when calling HTTPClient.GetAsync on Android.
  • (942966) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed crash when using named pipes.
  • (974228) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed crash on exit when script debugger is enabled.
  • (980815) (980816) - Services: Performance Reporting: Report device model field for Managed Exceptions.
  • (986871) - Timeline: Fixed ArgumentOutOfRangeException when shift-selecting a clip, if that clip was moved and the move operation was undo.
  • (992286) (980300)- UI: Fixed issue where position and rotation specified when calling Object.Instantiate was not applied properly to a RectTransform.
  • (986584) - UI: Fixed crash in RectTransform::ShouldUpdateTransformBefore.
  • (977959) - UI: Fixed issue with UI and prefab positioning.
  • (995452) (937370) - UI: Fixed OnEndDrag not being called when dragging as the app loses focus.
  • (988136) (966172) - UI: Fixed issue where a driven RectTransform could cause a scene to be constantly flagged as dirty.
  • (990752) - UI: Fixed an issue where undoing the activation of a UI layout component did not undo the side effects to the children RectTransforms.
  • (988311) (939853) - UI: Fixed instances where Font.textureRebuilt would not be called even though the internal texture was regenerated.
  • (968801) - UWP: Fixed keyboard input not distinguishing left/right shift keys.
  • (988818) - Web: Fixed native UnityWebRequest not destroyed until garbage collected even if explicitly disposed.
  • (991606) (971557) - Web: Fixed file URI with host component in UnityWebRequest.
  • (968584) - Windows: Fixed default width/height not honored for 'Windowed' mode.
  • (993880) - XR: Fixed stabilization plane not getting set correctly via the SetFocusPointForFrame() API, resulting in poor hologram stabilization and color separation on HoloLens.
  • (988571) - XR: Ported missing properties on the Pose type, which broke user code for Windows Mixed Reality when porting from 2017.2.
  • (965494) - XR: Fixed an issue with lights failing to completely illuminate scene geometry during stereo rendering.
  • (973172) - XR: Fixed a crash that would occur if an application used Unity's Spatial Mapping component without VR being enabled or without using Windows Mixed Reality.
  • (993425) - XR: Fixed calling touch keyboard causeing unhandled exception to be thrown and app closing.
  • (991170) (946104) - XR: Fixed errors when building for Daydream and Cardboard with Proguard enabled.
  • (952777) - XR: Fixed crash when holographic emulation set to remote with no device connected.
  • (987306) - XR: Fixed build crashes when using stereo display.

Revision: 6c5ba423732e