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Known Issues in 2018.4.13f1

  • AI: Performance of NavMeshBuilder.UpdateNavMeshData spike up to 10 times (1183826)

  • Animation: Animator.Update CPU time spikes when multiple animations are playing (1184690)

  • Asset Importers: Crash on Marshalling::OutMarshaller when TextureImporter.ReadTextureSettings argument is null (1187147)

  • Graphics - General: Shader is rendered incorrectly when loaded from an Asset Bundle made in Unity 2017.4 in a newer version (1195750)

  • Physics: Crash on PhysicsScene::ProcessTriggerEnterExits when splitting meshes that also exit a Trigger with OnTriggerExit (1155827)

  • Scene Management: Duplicated child nested prefab is not created in the same position (1157320)

  • Shuriken: Semaphore.WaitForSignal causes a slow editor when entering Play mode (1178300)

  • uGUI: Upgrading the project results in missing System.Serializable UnityEvent function (1196591)

2018.4.13f1 Release Notes


  • 2D: Material and Sorting Layer fields of Sprite Renderer Component do not show Prefab Overrides in Inspector updated SortingLayerFields and SpriteRendererEditor to handle PrefabOverrides properly. (1109376, 1169621)

  • Android: Added ability to disable symbols.zip generation when building apk or aab.

  • Android: Fixed an Android 10 video player bug, when playing local and external files. (1168329, 1190827)

  • Android: Fixed an Android video player crash. (1166265, 1181383)

  • Android: Fixed Input.GetKey returning false when S-Pen is being used on Samsung device. (1185531, 1191907)

  • Android: Fixed the grab pass's temp texture output while in linear space to be of same color as the background and not brighter, given HDR is on. (1088699, 1189764)

  • Animation: Fixed crash in AnimationClip when classID parameter hasn't been set for curve. (1176555, 1189725)

  • Apple TV: B' button ignores 'allowExitToHome' value on certain GamePads after the first suspend of the app. (1179727, 1181542)

  • Apple TV: Fixed crash on UnityGetJoystickName when calling GetJoystickNames and disconnecting/connecting controller. (1181481, 1191408)

  • Asset Import: Fixed crashes handling corrupt prefabs. (1131957, 1154248)

  • Audio: Fixed mixing when an audio mixer playable is set as the source for an audio playable output without specifying a traversal port. (1179486, 1194768)

  • Build Pipeline: Added flag kTypeIsEditorOnly trait to allow items to be pulled into build data depending on the situation. (1190029, 1193004)

  • Editor: Corrected UTF8 clipping in truncate function, resolves occasional editor crash when changing variable fields with non-latin characters their name. (1178558, 1195140)

  • Editor: Default Native Resolution checkbox is ignored if custom resolution was set before. (1183011, 1191388)

  • Editor: Fixed a problem in the PersistentManager where it's global state can in some situations become corrupted. (1178508, 1193358)

  • Editor: Fixed crash when importing videos on a machine with more than 16 cores.

  • Editor: Fixed incorrect handling of Unicode characters that use 2 bytes in the application file name when building the Player. (1169358, 1173301)

  • Editor: Fixed play mode freezes for some time after pressing any hotkey. (1185757, 1186916)

  • Graphics: Don't set the dirty state on LineRenderers when updating properties with identical values. (1179048, 1189607)

  • Graphics: Fixed crash in VFXExpressionContainer::EvaluateExpressions when the Count of a Sequential Circle is 0 (and integer division by zero in general). (1167222, 1175179)

  • Graphics: Fixed displayed color is lighter after calling Camera.Render() or RenderDontRestore(). (1169586, 1170436)

  • iOS: Fixed autocorrect not working with the touchscreen keyboard. (1183034, 1192982)

  • iOS: Fixed crash on malformed file:// URI in UnityWebRequest. (1183600, 1189511)

  • iOS: Fixed identification of iPad 6th (it used to be identified as iPadPro10Inch2Genor or iPadUnknown with iOS.Device.generation. (1065983, 1144363)

  • iOS: Fixing an issue where the keyboard could not be dismissed and keyboard input stopped after device sleep. (1187333, 1190313)

  • iOS: Gave proxy drawable textures names and made them not be backed by memory if they're not in use. (1167629, 1188479)

  • Mobile: Fixed an issue that caused a black screen when enabling or disabling real-time light at runtime on Vulkan when using multiple render passes with MSAA. (1144830, 1169512)

  • Particles: Apply Transform changes immediately when using scripted Emission. (1181119, 1189606)

  • Particles: Apply Vertex Streams button in the Standard Particle Shader UI now correctly applies changes to Prefabs. (1180096, 1189605)

  • Particles: Fixed crash when switching from Ribbon to Particles mode in the Trail module. (1184316, 1189601)

  • Particles: Fixed inherit size option on sub-emitter when parent system is using non-uniform size. (1185614, 1189604)

  • Particles: Fixed normals and tangents being wrong in various particle setups. (1179834, 1189595)

  • Physics: Fixed crash that happened during simulation right after destroying a hierarchy of GOs that had nested Rigidbody components attached. (1122684, 1158547)

  • Physics: Fixed issue with RaycastNonAlloc getting stripped when PhysicsRayster required it, i.e. Using MaxRayInteractions value more than 0 doesn't work. (1076650, 1188674)

  • Prefabs: Fixed really old prefabs not being correctly activated. (1138224, 1178759)

  • Prefabs: Made sure FindObjectsOfType does not find prefab assets objects during prefab import. (1159905, 1178763)

  • Prefabs: Properly handle file with .prefab extension even though they are not prefabs. (1164341, 1178761)

  • Profiler: Fixed "Other" Category not shown in Charts and hiding VSync time (1165477, 1189044)

  • Profiler: Fixed Timeline View not using a ColorSafe Palette (1101387, 1189042)

  • Timeline: Fixed an issue where Playable Director's "Playable" field was missing the prefab override contextual menu. (1167365, 1170064)

  • Timeline: Fixed issue where Animation Events were fired twice when the Playable Director Wrap mode is set to Loop. (1173281, 1185452)

  • Timeline: Fixed issue with Control Track that were not destroying the sub-graph when preview mode was toggled off. (1156913, 1170716, 1174991, 1175073)

  • Timeline: Fixed Repaint being called every frame when Timeline window is opened and a Playable Director is added to a GameObject. (1172707, 1181761)

  • Web: Added additional logging in case of failure. (1101441, 1188384)

  • XR: Fixed Hololens 2 camera snapshots not containing Unity app content.

Changeset: 497f083a43af

Unity 2018.4.13

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