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2018.4.4f1 Release Notes


  • Android: Android Gradle plugin version updated up to 3.4.

  • Android: Gradle version updated up to 5.1.1.


  • Animation: Fixed argument exception being thrown when legacy clip is used with AnimationClipPlayable. (1100643, 1164704)

  • Animation: Fixed out of bounds index in mecanim value array causing crash. (1144501, 1155340)

  • Animation: Fixed prefab import of animator with dangling references. (1154048, 1160256)

  • Asset Import: Fixed an issue where AssetPostprocessor::GetVersion() did not affect AssetDependencyHash on first import. (1146482, 1152920)

  • Asset Import: Fixed an issue where if a mesh asset has no vertex data, the import crashes in some cases. (1144169, 1150809)

  • Asset Import: Fixed texture import setting alpha is transparency value not resetting to default when switching to Default texture type. (1117308, 1150835)

  • Editor: Fixed crash on quit in UNITY_FT_Done_Face when using large prefab with TextMesh. (1075972, 1140677)

  • Editor: Fixed crash when idling in editor related to hash calculation. (1108314, 1147408)

  • Editor: Fixed game view scale in play mode for mobile platforms. (1140742, 1151176)

  • Editor: Fixed project settings not focusing when menu item is selected and window is already docked. (1150481)

  • Editor: Fixed stop button in audio clip preview panel. (1154598, 1166936)

  • Editor: Fixed the scale error by updating the scale once the platform is switched. (918311, 1153434)

  • GI: Fixed a potential baking crash when objects HideFlags are configured. (1064691, 1155173)

  • Graphics: Fixed crash that can occur when accessing the MeshFilter.mesh property when the mesh is loaded via the async upload manager. (1124524, 1158404)

  • Graphics: Fixed rare crash with GPU skinning and blendshapes. (1097227, 1138459)

  • Graphics: Fixed RenderTexture RenderTextureMemoryless.MSAA when using OpenGL ES. (1154687, 1160507)

  • IL2CPP: Added support for NamedPipeClientStream on Windows platforms. (1159863, 1160512)

  • OSX: Fixed scrolling sensitivity being too high in game. (1162791, 1163888)

  • Particles: Fixed editor crashes with WorldCollision when Spawning Particles. (1155477, 1162837)

  • Particles: Fixed Particle System sorting unstable when Sort Mode is set to By Distance. (1154497, 1162834)

  • Particles: Fixed Particle System trails changing their size randomly when there is a Realtime Reflection Probe in the Scene. (1117520, 1162817)

  • Particles: Fixed Particle Systems being scaled incorrectly when using Velocity render alignment. (1149730, 1162831)

  • Particles: Fixed some ParticleSystems using the wrong texture when several of them are being rendered with different Textures. (1148610, 1162828)

  • Prefabs: Fixed skybox and lighting for Prefab Mode environment scenes not working correctly. This requires the lighting settings of the environment scene to have Auto Bake disabled. (1112978, 1146201)

  • SceneManager: Documentation of SaveAsPrefab now has a note about namebased replace. (1152708, 1153977)

  • SceneManager: Fixed drag and drop replacing of prefab when dragging variant to project folder. (1152704, 1153980)

  • SceneManager: Fixed Scene view skybox toggle not working in Prefab Mode if no Prefab editing environment scene is specified. (1153083, 1154311)

  • Scripting Upgrade: Fixed crash during Asset GC with large managed collections. (1137077, 1165939)

  • Scripting Upgrade: Fixed crash during async debugging. (1153078, 1165511)

  • Shaders: Fixed surface shader include dependency handling on shader errors. (1002833, 1141229)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed InvalidOperationException is being thrown in Master build. (1137193, 1137193)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed reference rewriter complaining about managed code referencing fields from winmd files when those fields are of types that project to CLR from Windows Runtime. (1146307, 1159989)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed UnityEngine.WSA.Application.windowActivated and UnityEngine.WSA.Application.windowSizeChanged events not firing. (1146982, 1159984)

  • Version Control: Fixed Prefab Editor overwriting files which are exclusively checked out in Version Control. (1027165, 1150747)

  • Windows: Fixed builds that use IL2CPP scripting backend not starting on Windows 7. (1166764, 1167009)

  • XR: Fixed an issued with Android app bundles which could cause XR Subsystems to fail to register. This would cause, for example, pose tracking to fail in ARFoundation. (1162654, 1162655)

Changeset: 5440768ff61c

Unity 2018.4.4

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