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2018.4.5f1 Release Notes


  • Version Control: Added "Overwrite Failed Checkout Assets" editor setting, turning it off makes unity not overwrite files that can't be checked out. (1010999, 1158593)


  • 2D: Fixed the rendering for edges on Spriteshape sometimes not happening when building on PS4. (1156882, 1163913)

  • AI: Fixed issue with NavMeshAgent getting stuck when the NavMesh changes near its long path. (1144525, 1164801)

  • Android: Fixed Android Ads Id is used even when the Ads / Analytics services are disabled. (1164278, 1164301)

  • Asset Import: Fixed Sprite Mask Sorting Layer resetting to default when asset is loaded from asset bundle. (1119829, 1153003)

  • Editor: Fixed field of view stuck on a small Game window in the corner when Cursor.lockState is set to CursorLockMode.Locked. (1134503, 1170439)

  • GI: Fixed UVOverlap preview textures not displaying when manually generating lighting. (1087688, 1138408)

  • IL2CPP: Implement the Environment:GetBundledMachineConfig method to always return a null string. (1154761, 1161051)

  • IL2CPP: Improve the managed thread pool performance on Posix platforms. (1161926, 1162481)

  • IL2CPP: Making RuntimeHelpers.IsReferenceOrContainsReferences call a generation-time intrinsic that will output a "false" or "true" boolean value to the C++ code. This greatly speeds up some .NET container classes that make use of this method. (1143169, 1159224)

  • Linux: Fixed Editor window focus issues causing editor tests to fail. (1157976, 1160803)

  • Linux: Fixed Linux standalone player touch events for IMGUI. (1106839, 1142855)

  • Linux: Fixed some resolutions in fullscreen not able to be set under Linux Ubuntu. (1105102, 1170440)

  • Physics: Fixed a crash in the 2D physics manager on iOS upon start-up when Physics2D package is disabled. (1080899, 1116405)

  • Physics: Fixed crash when destroying Colliders that had OnCollisionStay scripts attached. (1113545, 1167373)

  • Scripting: Fix repeated errors when handling malformed UTF16 strings in the Editor. (1142830)

  • Services: Improved support for Apple arm64e devices in Cloud Diagnostics. (1155437, 1163837)

  • TextMeshPro: Fixed Importing font files such as WingDing.ttf displays error message due to incorrect internal handling of font glyph data. (1167004, 1170434)

  • TextMeshPro: Fixed incorrect TextMesh Pro Glyph Pair Adjustment values when using SDF8 / SDF16 / SDF32 render modes. (1167008, 1170435)

  • TextMeshPro: Fixed unnecessary allocation in FontEngine resulting from use of Mathf.Max with more than 2 parameters. (1167011, 1170433)

  • UI: Changed editor preference behavior to only update modified values in the plist file on MacOS. (1117481, 1153452)

  • UnityLinker: Fixed a crash that could occur when a method has an unmanaged constraint. (1158632, 1165037)

  • Version Control: Fixed Unity writing to assets that can't be checked out. (1010999, 1159204)

  • Video: Fixed crash on WindowsVideoMedia::CopyToRGBA when importing video file. (1154547, 1168727)

  • Video: Fixed VideoPlayer hanging when seeking backwards/forwards while pausing. (1166927)

  • WebRequest: Fixed TLS handshake renegotiation requests by the server not supported. (1141642, 1146143)

  • XR: Fixed InteractionManager not clearing connceted controller list from last play mode session. (1137312, 1170445)

Changeset: 7b38f8ac282e

Unity 2018.4.5

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