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  • 2D: Foxed sprite atlases being packed when entering Play Mode when Sprite Packer Mode is set to "Enabled for builds". (1136349, 1148006)

  • Android: Fixed a crash when SRP batcher is enabled on Vulkan on Mali GPUs. (1141817, 1149380)

  • Android: Fixed wrong rendering in LWRP on GPUs that have EGL_GL_COLORSPACE_SRGB_KHR extension. (1145351, 1149381)

  • Asset Import: Fixed an issue where blendshapes normals are always recalculated although the blend shape normals import setting is set to 'none'. (1123265, 1140796)

  • Asset Import: Fixed an issue where blendShapes normals are broken when upgrading the project. (1117764, 1150188)

  • Asset Import: Fixed an issue where normal import settings get applied to the whole selection when selecting multiple model assets. (1150179)

  • Asset Import: Fixed an issue where some kinds of assets might not refresh after an Editor restart using ADB v1. (1140289, 1149023)

  • Asset Import: Fixed the root node of a model importer preset to be visible and editable. (1144441, 1150227)

  • Core: Fixed executing an IJobParallelFor accessing deallocated memory and cause Unity to crash. (1153961, 1157296)

  • Editor: Ensured duplicated prefabs retains transform values and other overrides. (1132860, 1152739)

  • Editor: Fixed an Editor crash when clicking Shader dropdown in Material inspector. (1150686, 1154053)

  • Editor: Fixed crash when duplicating prefabs with ConfigurableJoints. (1137347, 1152740)

  • Editor: Fixed importing badly broken prefab variants where components could be assigned to multiple GameObjects. (1113802, 1152733)

  • Editor: Fixed interacting with custom property drawer array resets the scroll bar position. (1109673, 1117759, 1132074, 1151035)

  • Editor: Fixed reverting files in Collab occasionally displaying a blank message. (1151178, 1151182)

  • Editor: Removed Extra FileIDs property that appears for some assets in the inspector. (1103218, 1155362)

  • Graphics: Fixed issue with large scaled meshes with texture mip map streaming. (1058192, 1149319)

  • Graphics: Fixed Unsupported textures such as reflection probes now load highest mip. (1139189, 1148714)

  • IAP: Fixed editor crashing when updating/installing/importing IAP plugin. (1138783, 1149292)

  • iOS: Fixed larger than 2k payloads not sent by UnityWebRequest when HTTP/2. (1146305, 1152777)

  • OSX: [Metal] Fixed excessive fencing causing all GPU workload to be serialized. (1154010)

  • Package Manager: Fixed import of Complete Project category Asset Store Packages from 2018.1-2018.3, which could break Package Manager configuration in the importing project. (1139199, 1139263)

  • Particles: Fixed particle rendering inconsistencies between Windows and macOS when a particle is generated by specifying RandomSeed. (1138802, 1142738)

  • Profiler: Fixed an issue where the compilation guards for the memory profiler API would not reset after doing a player build. (1152043)

  • Profiler: Reduced profiler overhead when flushing data from Job threads. (1147129, 1151146)

  • SceneManager: Fixed default shortcuts missing from SceneVis, Isolation and multi-hide are inaccessible. (1124247, 1144482)

  • Services: Fixed crash from background thread on UWP when Crash Reporting is enabled. (1130184, 1150581)

  • Terrain: Fixed terrain's Texture2D texture appearing white when copied using Instantiate Method via Script. (1126400, 1148331)

  • Timeline: Fixe the PlayableGraph from being created twice when playing a timeline in play mode with the Timeline window opened.F (1147247, 1148481)

  • Web: Fixed encoding support in url escaping. (1151016, 1152779)

  • Windows: Fixed documentation summary in Visual Studio not being shown. (1148065, 1148634)

  • XR: Fixed crash when transitioning to VR Mode from non-VR. (1150910, 1152534)

  • XR: Fixed shell script permission denied error with Google VR when building iOS using the generated xcode project. (1129546, 1155363)

Changeset: ffa3a7a2dd7d

Unity 2019.1.4

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