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Known Issues in 2021.1.20f1

  • --: NullReferenceException is thrown when typing in the Hierarchy window search bar (1360676)

  • Ads: [Android] Unity Ad return app to Lock screen (1281041)

  • Asset Import Pipeline: Editor crashes with out of memory while importing a lot of assets (mostly textures) at once, on Windows/DX11 (1324536)

  • Asset Importers: Editor crashes on UnityEditor.Unsupported:IsDestroyScriptableObject when applying changes to a custom asset (1353925)

  • Asset Importers: [MacOS] Second Unity instance in Activity Monitor is "not responding” after importing (1331736)

  • Audio: Crash on AudioCustomFilter::GetOrCreateDSP when recompiling scripts while in Play Mode (1354002)

  • Audio: Crash on AudioMixer_CUSTOM_FindSnapshot when passing null as an argument to FindSnapshot() (1341752)

  • Global Illumination: Crash while sculpting Terrain and Baking Lightmaps (1266511)

  • Global Illumination: [Enlighten] Fatal Error when closing the Editor while Generating Lighting (1354238)

  • Global Illumination: [LightProbes] Probes lose their lighting data after entering Play mode when Baked and Realtime GI are enabled (1052045)

  • Input: Input.GetKey does not trigger when the mouse cursor is outside the Game window (1358134)

  • Linux: Crash on DisableSubMenu when double clicking to close a context menu (1347655)

  • Linux: Menu bar "Assets" submenu items are disabled after visualizing an asset's context menu in Project view (1346205)

  • Linux: Linux Editor crashes at "_XFreeX11XCBStructure" when loading tutorials (1323204)

  • Metal: Performance in Game View is significantly impacted by Gfx.WaitForPresentOnGfxThread when a second monitor is connected (1327408)

  • Mobile: [Android] App stops due to OnPixelCopyFinishedListener not being supported on devices with lower than 24 SDK (1331290)

  • Mono: [Mono Upgrade] CommandBuffer native plugin events hang in the Editor (1308216)

  • Packman: User can't easily configure location of both UPM and Asset Store package local cache (1317232)

  • Quality of Life: Crash on GUIView::DoPaint when selecting color with a color picker (1355078)

  • Scene Management: Crash on BuildPrefabInstanceCorrespondingObjectMap when overriding nested prefab inside AssetDatabase.StartAssetEditing() block (1324978)

  • Scene Management: Poor performance when loading or unloading a large Scene (1360901)

  • Scripting: Crashes on mono_class_init when entering Play Mode after recompiling scripts (1262671)

  • Scripting: Error CS8035 is thrown on opening a project when using rulesets (1349517)

  • Scripting: Increased Script Assembly reload time (1323490)

  • Scripting: Performance degradation when activating or deactivating uGUI GameObject (1348763)

  • Scripting: Unity does not execute code weavers when the project is opened for the first time (1350116)

  • Settings Window: [Mobile Notifications] Editor crashes when clicking on any category while Mobile Notifications pane is open (1361351)

  • Terrain: Terrain Lit Opacity as Density option causes alpha'd areas on the 5th layer or greater to appear with artifacts (1283124)

  • Vulkan: [Editor] The Scene's GameObjects textures are seemingly random and change colours depending on the Scene's Camera pos. (1337772)

  • XR: [Linux] Scene View doesn't render when opening new AR or VR Template project or pressing "Show Tutorials" (1362435)

2021.1.20f1 Release Notes


  • Scripting: Ammend CompilationPipeline.compilationFinished to include that it's currently not possible to build a player from a callback. (1338334)


  • Editor: Updated com.unity.cinemachine to 2.7.8


  • Android: Fixed android:exported atribute not set to true for Uniy library activity when target API level is 31 or higher. (1356676)

  • Android: Fixed cameras with depth only clear flickering or not rendering on Adreno devices. (1314872)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed issue where some meshes imported from FBX are missing the first UV channel. (1342131)

  • Asset Pipeline: Improved UI performance when generating many asset previews. (1340118)

  • Audio: Fixed missing domain unload callback and excessive number of registrations for each instantiation of a custom DSP that caused an "Callback registration failed. Increase kMaxCallback." error. (1306511)

  • GI: Fixed baking on non-primary GPU on machines using a mix of NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. (1314991)

  • GI: Fixed reflection probes weight on flat objects. (1233991)

  • GI: LightProbes.needsRetetrahedralization doesn't get invoked in IL2CPP builds. (1338514)

  • Graphics: Fixed bilinear rescale on 32k wide or high images such that the image no longer flips around. (1340329)

  • Graphics: Fixed SRPBatcher not increasing CBuffer size when material shader is changed. (1353368)

  • Input System: Fixed Y coordinate being flipped in Windows Player when WarpCursorPosition in Input System. (1355722)

  • iOS: Fixed 'end Encoding' crash when force closing iOS application. (1329593)

  • iOS: Fixed Mute Other Audio Sources not muting background audio on a device when toggled on when Unity audio is enabled. (1335093)

  • iOS: Fixed video freezing or app crashing when resuming the app from suspension or unlocking the device. (1297877)

  • N/A (internal): Fixed scene-with-scrollbar-horizontal-delete-doesnt-dirty-on-save test instability by calling Focus(). (1356609)

  • Package Manager: Fixed "Load all" not working in "My Assets". (1287445)

  • Package Manager: Fixed the issue where the selection in the list is broken and the wrong package appears as selected in My Assets. (1343197)

  • Package Manager: Fixed the issue where there is a noticeable lag when selecting an asset in the PackageList when navigating a large number of assets in My Assets. (1343193)

  • Prefabs: Fixed unpacked prefabs added under a prefab instance being removed when undoing any change made to outermost root. (1339775)

  • Scripting: Fixed an issue when opening a project using rulesets, Error CS8035 is no longer thrown in the console. (1349517)

  • Services: Analytics no longer auto-activates on new project link.

  • Services: Updated analytics package. Constantly repopulating a list of strings was causing the inspector panel for the analytics tracker to spam autosave in some cases. (1150985)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed Alt + Enter not entering/leaving fullscreen mode. (1304865)

  • Windows: Fixed the new input system reporting incorrect keyboard key display names when using certain non-english keyboard layouts. (1337684)

Changeset: be552157821d

Unity 2021.1.20

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