Unity 4.0.1

Unity 4.0 is our biggest release to date. It brings you all new powerful features never before seen in Unity, such as:

  • Mecanim, the new animation system to animate any character or object
  • Real-time shadows for all platforms
  • DirectX 11 rendering
  • Shuriken particle system updated with world collision functionality
  • Adobe Flash and Linux as two new platforms
  • Cross-platform dynamic fonts

And of course, many more new features and updates. Keep reading to learn more.

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  • Android: Added a warning in the editor whenever a build is made with an outdated certificate.
  • Android: Added android as a valid build target for custom PostprocessBuildPlayer script.
  • Android: Added JB MR1 to the list of API levels.
  • EULA: Changed Embedded Software and Streaming and Cloud Gaming restrictions


  • Android: Improved build times for projects with lots of resources.
  • Android: Fixed Resources.Load() of prefabs consuming too much memory.
  • Android: Prevent NullPointerExceptions when using LVL on a device that is not signed in to Google Play.
  • Android: Detect manifest permissions for Application.genuine / .genuineCheckAvailable.
  • Android: Stereo sound enforced to avoid garbled audio when Mono is selected as speaker mode.
  • Android: TouchScreenKeyboard.text is now set to initial value on cancel.
  • Android: Touches outside TouchScreenKeyboard no longer result in a cancelation event.
  • Android: Fixed an issue where async updates of the TouchScreenKeyboard.text property would void any input from the keyboard.
  • Android: Fixed an issue with missing features/permissions in the AndroidManifest.
  • Android: Added workaround for Tegra shader compiler bug when texture samplers are not reported.
  • Android: Fixed issue on Adreno with skinning on gles11.
  • Android: Made sure correct screen resolution is set before Awake is called on scripts.
  • Android: Fixed error message when current build is aborted by the user.
  • Android: Fixed an issue where dictionary pop-ups would close the TouchScreenKeyboard.
  • Android: Application pause now cancels the TouchScreenKeyboard.
  • Android: Fixed Build&Run with Split Application Binary enabled, when running on a device with JB MR1 (OS 4.2) or later.
  • Android: Fixed a problem with non-ascii characters and keyboard input.
  • Documentation: Fixed iOS specific API docs, now they are back.
  • Editor: Fixed leak in the editor when loading a scene
  • Editor: Fixed rare crash when updating from 3.5 project
  • Editor: Fixed missing references to animation when updating from 3.5 project
  • Graphics: Fixed !IsNormalized error message when rendering a Camera with a skewed transform.
  • Graphics: Fixed reporting of TextureFormat.RGBA4444.
  • iOS: fix WWW class crash when loading files via file:// on iOS 4.x devices
  • iOS: Fixed reporting of GPS location data.
  • iOS: Better performance when setting RenderTexture that has different size from the current one.
  • iOS: Fixed gyro accuracy issue.
  • Lightmapping: Fixed lightmapping in some cases being much slower than 3.5.x.
  • Mac OS X and Linux Standalone: Fix free version splash screen rendering correctly in full screen mode.
  • Mac OS X Standalone: Fix window resolution not correctly restoring after going in and out of full screen mode.
  • Mac OS X Web Player: Fix Input.inputString when a text field is focused (this caused problems with NGUI).
  • Mecanim: Fixed a crash when you preview an animation on an avatar and the file containing this avatar is updated in an External tools.
  • Mecanim: Fix problem with deltaPosition and deltaRotation not being updated for Generic Rigs.
  • Mecanim: Fix crash when previewing transitions with a BlendTree that as a 0 speed child.
  • Mecanim: Fix getting NaN root transform in MatchTarget on IOS devices.
  • Shuriken: Fixed emitter shape being wrong shape when parented to another game object with scale.
  • Substance: fixed bitmap export.
  • Web Player: Fixed crash with 3.x content containing font data with invalid TrueType font names.
  • Web Player: Fixed fullscreen mode initialization in IE10 on Windows 8. Web Player now tries to detect whether it is running in a sandbox.
  • Windows Web Player: Fix the Web Player ticking code, so that it works smoother, fixing a performance regression from 3.5.5.
  • Fixed mesh assets created with 3.5.0 crashing newer versions of Unity when mixing compressed and non-compressed meshes.
  • Fixed a crash in which garbage collection of assets could cause broken references to those assets in script code.


Unity 4.0.1

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