Unity 4.5.5

The Unity 4.5.5 release brings you some improvements and fixes. Read the release notes below for details.

For more information about the previous main release, see the Unity 4.5 Release Notes.

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  • Editor: Added additional logging when the MonoDevelop script editor was opened on OSX.
  • iOS: Added support for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus.
  • iOS: Display the number of finished files in AOT cross-compile progress bar.
  • Linux: Implemented screen-fullscreen command line option.
  • OSX: Implemented show-screen-selector command-line option.
  • Physics: Show inspector warning when a 2D collider removes generated collision shape(s) because they fail verification. This supplements the existing warning when no collision shapes are present.
  • Shaders: Improved performance of importing complex surface shaders (with many multi_compile directives).
  • Shaders: Improved performance of shader compilation for OpenGL platforms.


  • Android: Android TV - Fixed uses-feature attribute in manifest that could require touchscreen.
  • Android: Fixed delay when resuming game from paused state.
  • Android: Fixed flickering screen on resume.
  • Android: Added missing implementation of UnityMemoryBarrier()
  • Android: Fixed crash on application resume on Adreno devices with Android 4.1.1 or 4.1.2.
  • Android: Preventing black frame to be displayed when on-screen keyboard appears/disappears.
  • Android: Export now works for projects that use UnityPlayerActivity or UnityPlayerProxyActivity.
  • Asset Import: Recompile scripts synchronously when the -buildTarget parameter is used.
  • Core: Fixed the "Failed to initialize unity graphics" error when using the -no-graphics flag in OS X
  • Direct3D 11: Unity will now correctly fall back to no MSAA depth textures if the GPU does not support ones with MSAA.
  • Documentation: Fixed rendering for richText.
  • Editor: Fixed word wrapping in the detail area of the console.
  • Editor: Handle an intermittent failure in CoCreateInstance during the Visual Studio launch process.
  • Editor: Open a script in the correct version of Visual Studio when the script is already open in a different version.
  • Editor: Fixed selected wireframe not rendered if object's shader has GrabPass as the first pass.
  • Editor: Use External Editor argument expansion in undocumented API.
  • Editor: Fixed an issue whereby dragging a prefab into hierarchy from project view was not selected automatically.
  • Editor: Don't pass out incorrect PropertyHandler on first call to GetHandler.
  • Flash : Empty project no longer has (harmless) errors in the log.
  • OpenGL ES 2: Fixed issues with native plugin called in OnPreRender .
  • Graphics: Send kGfxDeviceEventInitialize to native plugins if renderer changes.
  • Graphics: Fixed light culling with custom projection matrix.
  • Image Effects: Fixed Image filters targeting a render texture when a camera doesn't clear the color buffer.
  • Image Effects: Fixed Fast Bloom rendering upside down on Direct3D when anti-aliasing was used (reimport Image Effects package to get the fix).
  • iOS: Adaptively increase AOT build timeout to fix builds on large projects.
  • iOS: Do not run excessive number of mono AOT compiler instances.
  • iOS: Fixed Xcode 6 GM build & run support.
  • iOS: Fixed Xcode 6 GM Simulator support.
  • License: Give permissions to Users group on Windows to modify/write the license .ulf file, after Unity was activated by an administrator.
  • Linux: When using "Default is fullscreen" and "Default is native resolution" on a multidisplay system, store the resolution pref from the actual window size instead of the full desktop resolution.
  • Manual: Update documentation for player command line arguments.
  • Mecanim: Fixed trigger parameter consumption when used by multiple layers.
  • OSX: Now GameKit is loaded dynamically, it should help with Mac App Store submissions for games, which are not using Game Center.
  • OSX: Application.persistentDataPath changed from ~/Library/Caches/ to ~/Library/Application Support/
  • Physics: 'OnMouseDown' and 'OnMouseUp' callbacks for 3D physics now don't take priority over 2D physics, they can run simultaneously.
  • Physics: 'OnMouseDown' and 'OnMouseUp' callbacks for both 2D and 3D colliders now correctly use camera near/far plane distance.
  • Scripting: Properly validate class constraint on generics with reference type constraint.
  • Shaders: Fixed #include processing that are nested in #ifdef blocks in surface shaders.
  • Shaders: Fixed faceforward() for OpenGL platforms.
  • Shaders: VFACE pixel shader semantic translates more properly to OpenGL platforms now (values of -1 or 1, not 0 or 1 like before).
  • Substance: Fixed regression where valid runtime cache data would not be used and ProceduralTextures would be needlessly recomputed.
  • Substance: ProceduralTextures are no longer corrupted when switching color space in the editor.
  • Substance: ProceduralTextures are no longer corrupted when switching the masterTextureLimit in the editor.
  • Substance: Textures generated from a cloned ProceduralMaterial now have the proper alpha channel.
  • Terrain: Now tree imposter image will render in correct color space.
  • Version Control: Disallowing moving/renaming version controlled files that are changed/checked out remote.
  • WebCamTexture: Uses the first webcam device by default on all platforms.
  • WebPlayer: Fixed WebPlayer Loading failure when UNITY_DISABLE_PLUGIN_UPDATES = yes.
  • Windows Phone 8.0: Fixed an issue which caused rendering from scripts not to work the same frame that back button was pressed on certain devices.
  • Windows Phone 8.0: Using image effects no longer distorts the image resolution.
  • Windows Phone 8.1: Fixed copying of 240% sized wide tile to final VS solution.
  • Windows Phone 8.1: TouchScreenKeyboard.visible no longer throws an exception if called before creating an actual keyboard.
  • Windows Phone 8.1: Unity no longer overrides 106x106 icon in final VS solution when a custom icon is placed there.
  • Windows Player: Fixed blank window appearing briefly before entering fullscreen mode.
  • Windows Store Apps: Fixed an issue which caused C# scripts to sometimes be included to wrong assemblies if "Debugging C# projects" checkbox was checked when building the project.
  • Windows Store Apps: C++ plugins are now correctly copied to output directory when using C++ project type.
  • Windows Store Apps: Unprocessed plugins are no longer included in Visual Studio pre-build event.
  • Windows Store Apps: Unity C# projects are referenced by project references instead of assembly references.
  • Windows Store Apps / Windows Phone: Fixed an issue which caused methods of WebHeaderCollection class throw exceptions
  • Windows Store Apps / Windows Phone 8.1: Fixed Screen.dpi to return physical screen DPI, instead of logical DPI.
  • Windows Store Apps / Windows Phone 8.1: Significantly reduces memory used by compressed audio.


Unity 4.5.5

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