Unity 5.2.1

The Unity 5.2.1 release brings you a couple of feature, quite a few improvements, a couple of changes and a large number of fixes. Read the release notes below for details.

For more information about the previous main release, see the Unity 5.2 Release Notes.

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Примечания к выпуску


  • iOS: iOS9 app slicing support.
  • iOS: iOS9 on demand resource support.


  • Android: On some devices Screen.dpi returns more accurate values.
  • Editor: Added progress bar while decrypting downloaded Asset Store packages.
  • Graphics: Added overloads to CommandBuffer.SetRenderTarget() to allow specifying a target mip level and cubemap face.
  • Improved ETC1 based policy for grouping of sprites on an atlas.
  • iOS: Added frameworks new in iOS 8.0 to 9.0 to the plugin importer UI.
  • iOS: Added support for iPad launch screens
  • iOS: Exposed option in Player Settings to temporary disable Application Transport Security checks in iOS 9.0.
  • iOS: Now support access to iOS9 data assets within asset catalogs via virtual filesystem.
  • Networking: Added NetworkManager.UseExternalClient() function that allows the NetworkManager to use a client object created externally to the NetworkManager instead of using StartClient(). This was required to use custom NetworkConnection classes with connections made by the NetworkManager.
  • VR: Oculus: Upgraded to 0.7 dependencies.


  • iOS: Use launch screens as primary source for splash images.
  • VR: For Windows Oculus Development, the Oculus runtime is required in order to run in VR mode. Future releases will also require this runtime going forward.


  • (711225) - 2D : Fixed memory leak when using Sprite object field in custom inspector.
  • (572545) - 2D: Clamp sprite pivot values (-100k to 100k) now instead of accepting any value (including infinity).
  • (722701) - Analytics: Fixed data dispatcher to send data after airplane mode is turned OFF on iOS.
  • (716159) - Android - Fixed fallback to Gamma color space rendering for projects that are configured to use linear rendering.
  • (710244) - Android - Fixed status bar not shown and touch offset on Kitkat+ when using native activity.
  • (705138) - Android: Fixed INTERNET permission on Android even if there are no network calls in the scripts.
  • (678003) - Android: Fixed sensor compensation issue affecting devices when rotated180 degrees.
  • (none) - Android: Removed some egl errors from the log when probing for GLES API level.
  • (717028) - Android: Fixed performance regression when using native rendering plugins.
  • (708088) - Animation: Fixed an issue whereby animation window was still recording when scene was saved.
  • (718709) - API Updater: Fixed crash in AssemblyUpdater when a type had methods with names starting with get_/set_ .
  • (679703) - Asset Loading: Now allow extension dlls to be imported outside of project folder.
  • (719416) - AssetBundle: Fixed the issue that sometimes several AssetBundles would have same internal name.
  • (722104) - Bug Reporter: Fixed email field not being saved on Windows 10.
  • (none) - D3D12: Fixed a crash when using compute buffers.
  • (none) - D3D: Fixed broken positioning of render when upscaling to native desktop resolution.
  • (715666) - D3D: Mouse coordinates no longer go out of bounds when upscaling to desktop resolution.
  • (713782) - Deployment Management: Fixed OSX non development players crash on startup.
  • (712887) - Deployment Management: Include assets inside Resources folder in the build size report.
  • (687656), (693423) - Editor: Added a printed warning to the gameview if there is no fullscreen camera present.
  • (none) - Editor: Fixed 'Access denied' error on Windows when trying to move readonly files.
  • (666743) - Editor: Fixed an issue where calling EditorWindow.GetWindow() too early could cause the editor to crash.
  • (705555) - Editor: Fixed A bug when opening new project threw "Moving file failed" dialog on Mac.
  • (719367) - Editor: Fixed scene view picking when in linear mode.
  • (725519) - Editor: Fixes crash when exiting play-mode with Alphabetical Sort enabled.
  • (704016) - Editor: Made sure blendShapes normals were not imported if None was set in Import Setting.
  • (701240) - Editor: Save correct quality settings when quitting Unity editor during the play mode.
  • (721563) - Editor: Slowdown in Project window with Unity 5.
  • (722655) - GI: Calculate atlas index offset correctly when snapshotting a scene.
  • (714050), (701937) - GI: Fixed the case where GI file not found errors were displayed when upgrading project to Unity 5.2.
  • (718263) - GI: Fixed a crash when moving reflections probes in GI visualisation views.
  • (none) - GI: Fixed loading a LightmapSnapshot.asset with realtime GI data. The issue was introduced in 5.2.0p1.
  • (720748) - Graphics: Fixed global shader property changes done from Light CommandBuffers not affecting later rendering (5.2 regression).
  • (719494) - Graphics: Fixed regression on GetNativeTextureID
  • (689461) - IL2CPP: Added support for access default parameter values via reflection.
  • (717904) - IL2CPP: Allow a cast of T[] to IList (where BaseT is a base class of T) to work correctly.
  • (702684) - IL2CPP: Allow il2cpp.exe to work if a '#' character is in the installation path.
  • (714759) - IL2CPP: Allow WebRequest to work with IPv6 addresses.
  • (705898) - IL2CPP: Corrected a code generation error with the JsonFX library with the error message: "not implemented on non-abstract class".
  • (719084) - IL2CPP: Corrected an error in the negation of a float converted from an unsigned integer.
  • (723439) - IL2CPP: Corrected C++ code generation when a struct inherits from a generic interface.
  • (717058) - Il2CPP: Corrected the behavior of Marshal.OffsetOf for structures with explicit packing.
  • (700792) - IL2CPP: Implemented the correct rounding behavior (banker's rounding) for the Math.Round method.
  • (661630), (690171) - IL2CPP: Implemented the CustomAttributeData.GetCustomAttributes methods for attributes with a default constructor.
  • (722375) - IL2CPP: Prevent a NullReferenceException exception from being thrown in the KeyValuePair ToString method when the value is a reference type.
  • (722433) - IL2CPP: Prevent a used block from being marked as dead during conversion if it is immediately after a try block with an explicit leave opcode.
  • (715013) - IL2CPP: Prevent the exception "MissingMethodException: No constructor found for System.Resources.RuntimeResourceSet::.ctor(System.IO.UnmanagedMemoryStream)" from occurring when the TZ4NET assembly is used.
  • (674706) - IL2CPP: Allow GetCurrentProcess to work.
  • (none) - IL2CPP: Allow il2cpp.exe to run when its installation path includes a '#' character followed by a space character.
  • (690171) - IL2CPP: Corrected a KeyNotFoundException during code generation in the VTableBuilder.GetVirtualMethodTargetMethod method of il2cpp.exe.
  • (712470) - IL2CPP: Corrected Marshal.OffsetOf when using enums fields with FieldOffsetAttribute
  • (712713) - IL2CPP: Ensure methods needed for enum arrays are converted.
  • (715965) - IL2CPP: Fixed assert on socket error.
  • (712929) - IL2CPP: Fixed comparison to Epsilon.
  • (712553) - IL2CPP: Fixed error when using 64-bit Interlocked operations on 32-bit devices.
  • (716138) - IL2CPP: Fixed pinning of structures with ExplicitLayout.
  • (721435) - IL2CPP: Fixed reading pointers with multiple levels of indirection.
  • (718696) - IL2CPP: Fixed unsafe pointer to struct assignment.
  • (721329) - IL2CPP: Fixed various performance issues by doing less type initialization at startup.
  • (676797) - IL2CPP: Implemented the IsTransparentProxy icall, which always returned false.
  • (710797), (705882) - IL2CPP: Prevent a type T from being stripping if it is used an GenericClass field in a MonoBehavior or ScriptableObject that is already being preserved.
  • (716991) - IL2CPP: Speed up retrieving classes by name.
  • (none) - iOS/IL2CPP: Completed the IPv6 implementation.
  • (723961) - iOS: Fixed append regression when certain splash screens are changed after initial build.
  • (704992) - iOS: Fixed path stripping when trailing characters are present
  • (707385) - iOS: Fixed touch screen keyboard when switching between single/multi line.
  • (708549) - iOS: Fixed WWW crash when not keeping reference to instance.
  • (677907) - iOS: Fixed interop of OpenGL ES and Siri overlay
  • (none) - iOS: Fixed iOS 9 side by side multitasking. It will work only if target resolution is native and it's not being overridden via script.
  • (none) - iOS: Fixed multitasking snapshot creation.
  • (709943), (716625), (713488) - iOS: Fixed numerous issues on iOS7 related to restoring app from background.
  • (718387), (720698) - iOS: Fixed system dynamic font support on iOS 9 where only the first font could be read from certain font collections and font substitutes, as identified by the OS, were not handled.
  • (none) - iOS: Fixed WWW not reporting error in some cases (like no networking available).
  • (706367) - Lightmapping: Fixed lightmap UV generation to be identical across platforms.
  • (718896) - Mecanim: Allow SMB function call even when Animator is disabled but updated manually by user.
  • (717680) - Mecanim: Fixed a crash when reimporting animations used in an overridecontroller.
  • (722058) - Mecanim: Fixed a crash when setting an Override Controller with no controller to override.
  • (none) - Mecanim: Fixed memory leak with Animator.
  • (719292) - Mecanim: Fixed null reference when creating transition to an empty state machine.
  • (713552) - Mecanim: Fixed Transition inspector not showing the proper transition.
  • (none) - Mecanim: Fixes crash when having an OnStateMachineEnter on first eval.
  • (719156) - Networking: Fixed scene objects with NetworkTransform not synching.
  • (718027) - Networking: Prevent adding network connections that are not ready as observers.
  • (none) - OpenGL ES: Fixed missing 1x1 mip levels in textures.
  • (708698) - OpenGL: Fixed OSX standalone crash
  • (719654) - OpenGL: Fixed shader compilation error when using GLSL precision qualifier.
  • (708072) - OpenGL: Fixed Unity shader compiler crash when compiling for OpenGL target.
  • (624081) - Particles: Fixed issue causing batched particles drawn after an object with negative scale to flip and become invisible.
  • (714872) - Particles: Fixed issue where moving emitters in the editor would cause them to emit their particles along a trajectory from their start position.
  • (none) - Physics2D: Ensure that 'Infinity' cannot be specified for 2D collider offset.
  • (707400) - Physics2D: Stop Rigidbody2D X/Y Constraints from occasionally moving the body to the world origin.
  • (713073) - Physics2D: Stop trigger-contacts being reported early when using continuous collision detection.
  • (721704) - Physics: Fixed SliderJoint2D motor-speed backwards compatibility prior to 5.1.1p3.
  • (718787) - Plugins: Editor would report incorrectly that native plugin is colliding with itself.
  • (716978) - Profiler: Fixed Rendering detailed stats. Stats for Draw Calls and Total Batches were previously swapped.
  • (699695) - Profiler: Show profiler statistics of manually rendered camera.
  • (704481) - Samsung TV: Fixed "Unknown Platform" error when passing "Samsung TV" to AudioImporter.ContainsSampleSettingsOverride.
  • (717774) - Samsung TV: Fixed issue where Development builds would inappropriately report security errors.
  • (718017) - Samsung TV: Fixed issue where some textures would not display properly on 2013 TVs.
  • (none) - Scripting: GL.IssuePluginEvent(eventID) is now obsolete.
  • (724452) - Shaders: Fixed GrabPass missing game view viewport offset in the editor.
  • (716161) - Shaders: HLSL shader compilation fIxed floating point division by zero by initialising x components of surfIN members to 1.0.
  • (none) - SpritePacker: Prevent Sprite Packing called randomly due to bug in hash Generation.
  • (719252) - Tizen: Fixed crashes on launch of Tizen projects.
  • (none) - Tizen: Fixed Tizen Store certification errors.
  • (none) - Tizen: Implemented an API to retrieve the window handle.
  • (none) - Tizen: Improvements to error messages.
  • (719777) - UI: Fixed crash related to using multiple materials / submeshes on UI elements.
  • (721345), (722086) - UI: Fixed ScrollRect causing immediate child view with LayoutGroup to not get layout callbacks.
  • (684885) - UI: Fixed issue where Selectables (image, toggle, etc) would hold a reference to a sprite when a new scene was loaded. This would lead to the sprite staying in memory even if the reference was not in the new scene.
  • (204016) - UI: RawImage component now uses the same vertex generation code as normal image components fixing a slight vertex offset error.
  • (716209) - Universal Windows Apps: Fixed crash in WebcamTexture.
  • (717274) - Universal Windows Apps: Fixed plugin processing.
  • (712699) - Universal Windows Apps: Splash screen is correctly resized with app window.
  • (715960) - Version Control: Do not use cached status for checking editability in VCS.
  • (none) - VisualStudio - Fixed a bug where VisualStudio could fail to open if it was busy while Unity was trying to open it.
  • (711316) - VR: Fixed point light rendering issue with deferred renderer.
  • (722915), (723184) - VR: Fixed regression with linear lighting and anti aliasing on windows.
  • (none) - VR: Fixed GearVR plugin issue. GearVR builds now render properly.
  • (722122) - VR: GearVR: Fixed gles20 rendering crash.
  • (none) - VR: Overall stability improved.
  • (716227) - Windows Phone 10: Fixed an issue whereby the touchscreen keyboard was not working.
  • (none) - Windows Phone: Fixed RuntimeInitializeOnLoad to support WP8.1.
  • (712688) - Windows Store Apps: App window is correctly activated with independent input source enabled.
  • (710903) - Windows Phone 8: Fixed an issue with build and run for projects with spaces in their names.
  • (720701) - Windows Store Apps: Fixed invalid IL code in UnityEngine.Networking.dll.
  • (none) - Windows Store Apps: UnityEngine.pdb file is installed along UnityEngine.dll.

Known Issues:

  • Scene view picking in linear color space does not work for DX11 in 2x MSAA (quality: fantastic). The workaround is to set quality to less than "fantastic". This issue will be fixed in a future patch release.

Revision: 44735ea161b3

Changeset: 44735ea161b3

Unity 5.2.1

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