Unity 5.4.1

The Unity 5.4.1 public release brings you a few improvements and a large number of fixes. Read the release notes below for details.

For more information about the previous main release, see the Unity 5.4.0 Release Notes.

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  • Core: Added support for loading serialized files stored with versions >= 5.5.0a4.
  • DX11: Improved texture upload performance for compressed, floating point and RGBA32 formats (also in 5.3.6p3) (812350).
  • Graphics: GPU Instancing - it is no longer an error to use instanced shaders on renderers that don't support instancing (SkinnedMeshRenderer, SpriteRenderer, etc.).
  • Graphics: GPU Instancing - for statically batched MeshRenderers, using an instanced shader now will not break static batching. If you want renderers to be instancing batched, please consider disable static batching flag (816786).
  • Linux: Removed 16GB total memory limit.
  • Networking: Projects using UnityWebRequest from UnityEngine.Experimental.Networking should now be auto-upgraded to use its new location in UnityEngine.Networking.
  • VR: Mac version of the editor can now add OpenVR as a VR platform when targeting the Windows player.
  • VR: Stereo View and Projection Matrices can be set individually through scripting API.
  • VR: Updated the following Image Effects from the Standard Assets to work with Single-Pass Stereo: Ambient Obscurance, Camera Motion Blur. (811571)
  • VR: Upgraded SDKs - Oculus to 1.7, GearVR to 1.7.1, OpenVR to 1.0.2.
  • Windows Store: Windows Extension SDK references will now be automatically added to Assembly-CSharp projects.


Unity 5.4.1 also includes relevant fixes from 5.3.6 patch releases.

  • AI: Fixed an issue where 'Not Walkable' objects close to the ground would not create a hole in the navmesh when baked. (820608)
  • Android: Editor: Added a workaround for AAPT sometimes crashing for no good reason. (797965)
  • Animation: Fixed a crash that happened when disabling a gameobject during animation-triggered physics callbacks. (813681)
  • Animation: Fixed a crash inCreateAnimatorGenericBindings when attempting to use AnimationMixerPlayable on start of a game object. (820203)
  • Animation: Fixed a crash when adding AnimationClip to an enabled Animation component whilst in play mode in the editor. (820586)
  • Animation: Fixed additive layer using disabled "Resample Animation" blended with layers that have it enabled. (822897)
  • Animation: Fixed an issue where an assert that couldn't be acted upon was popping in the AvatarMask inspector. (813105)
  • Collab: Fixed a crash when opening a cloud project named with numbers if you already have a project named the same in your folder. (763383)
  • DX11: Fixed editor spewing out "Failed to query D3D11 context for ID3DUserDefinedAnnotation interface" error message when run on Windows 7 machine without Windows updates installed. (819707)
  • Editor: Fixed a bug that launching Editor window will exit after signed on windows. (816567)
  • Editor: Fixed occasional freeze when profiling over network and connection is lost. (716213)
  • Editor: Fixed the inspector UI for some Renderers where Light Probe and Reflection Probe options were not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed performance regression of LightProbes.GetInterpolatedProbe API.   GI:
  • GI: Fixed a crash in Reflection Probe component when multiple scenes are used. (811241)
  • GI: LightProbes.GetInterpolatedProbe will return a black probe now if there are no light probes in the scene. (815127)
  • GI: Multi-scene editor. Fixed the lightmap indices not updating for additively loaded scenes in the Editor. (745588)
  • Graphics: Fixed a crash when running with Graphics Jobs caused by one thread unloading mesh data whilst another thread is using the data.  
  • Graphics: Fixed ForwardAdd pass z-fighting issue when the object is rendered with GPU instancing, for example when you have multiple lights (819088).
  • Surface shaders are automatically updated to apply the fix.
  • For custom vert/frag shaders, instead of using the macro "UNITY_USE_CONCATENATED_MATRICES", now please use the new "#pragma force_concat_matrix" directive in the ForwardAdd pass.  
  • Graphics: Fixed image effects being rendered twice when the camera is instantiated from prefab or copying another camera. This issue was in player builds only. (814402, 811236)
  • Graphics: Fixed Texture3D not accepting floating point formats. (794440)
  • iOS: Added support for tbd files. (820487)
  • Kernel: Fixed a crash resulting from undo/redo after revert. (717587, 804333)
  • Linux: Don't unnecessarily clear mouse position. (816514)
  • Mono: Properly locate libMonoPosixHelper.dylib file in the editor on OS X when it is used. (810964)
  • Particles: Fixed an issue where the first vertex of a trail renderer could be missing. (823495)
  • Particles: Fixed particle system random seed regression. (782232)
  • Profiler: Fixed GPU profiling showing "N/A" for most draw calls, instead of associating with proper objects. (772640, 817337)
  • Tizen: Added a method to request the Evas_GL object to possibly be used in plugins.  
  • Tizen: Added API compatibility control. Currently only 2.3 and 2.4 are supported.  
  • Tizen: Fixed a problem where UnityPluginUnload was not called.  
  • Tizen: Fixed problem with hangs when using a static splash screen image. (806041)
  • Tizen: Fixed the screen dimensions being incorrect when rotating the screen on Tizen while playing video. (805148)
  • Tizen: Removed an error which wrote privilege value in duplicate in tizen-manifest.xml.  
  • Tizen: Support multiple sensor listener.  
  • UnityWebRequest: Fixed errors in console when downloading texture. (813763)
  • UnityWebRequest: Fixed memory leak and possible crash when doing multiple request using the same object.
  • UnityWebRequest: Fixed possible freeze when downloading more than 64k of data using custom download handler. (820517)
  • UnityWebRequest: Fixed texture download reporting done before texture is actually usable. (814330)
  • UnityWebRequest: Report downloaded bytes for asset bundles and properly report 1.0 progress when finished. (815185)
  • VR: Fixed crash when exiting VR in certain cases where the HMD was detected as not connected on the first frame.  
  • VR: Fixed GL.LoadPixelMatrix() not working when Single-Pass Stereo was enabled. (811511)
  • VR: Fixed possible crash on shutdown. (817745)
  • VR: Fixed viewport scale issues with OpenVR.
  • WebGL: Fixed compressed build files (*.gz) creation if they already exist. (818044)
  • Windows Store: Generate code in exported solution to enter fullscreen if "Default is Fullscreen" is set in player settings. (804577)
  • Windows Store: Suppress system overlays by default in il2cpp solutions (makes it consistent with .NET). (817285)
  • WWW: Fixed occasional crashes in il2cpp projects. (796508)

Revision: 649f48bbbf0f

Changeset: 649f48bbbf0f

Unity 5.4.1

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