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  • Scene Management: Improved error messages when internal systems don't clean up transform change interests properly.
  • XR: Updated Oculus to version 1.26.1


  • (1052023(1045785)) - Android: Fixed android crash on startup related to having 18 thousand or more assets.
  • (1005317) - Android: Fixed tessellation shader on Android Adreno GPU.
  • (1007037) - Asset Pipeline: Assets: Fixed avatar reference set in model importer causing false dependencies if it's not being used.
  • (949305) - Deployment Management: Fixed Lightmapping.BakeMultipleScenes executed via batch mode with -quit argument not creating lightmap textures.
  • (1040406(1018539)) - Editor: Fix a transform error caused by particle collision events when it's object was being destroyed.
  • (1025810) - Editor: Fix performance regression with entering PlayMode while the Test Runner window is open (performance has been improved to previous levels before the regression).
  • (1038721) - Editor: Allow for non-latin characters in the Unity editor install path.
  • (1051722) - Editor: Improve the time taken to start running tests in projects with large numbers of test assemblies
  • (1061390(895464)) - Graphics: Fixed Mesh.CombineMeshes to include only vertices of selected submeshes instead of entire mesh.
  • (1045857) - IL2CPP: Fixed IL2CPP build failing when project contains a .winmd file that is compiled from C# code.
  • (852470) - OSX: Fixed flickering when resizing standalone game window on Mac.
  • (1005227) - Scripting: Fix crash when calling DestroyImmediate(gameObject) in OnApplicationQuit. Fixes ZenInject crash that would happen sometimes after exiting play mode.
  • (1057137(1059937)) - Timeline: Fixed OnGraphStop and OnPlayableDestroy not being called if play mode was exited when paused previously.
  • (1043171) - UWP: IL2CPP will now successfully be able to P/Invoke into kernel32.dll!GetNativeSystemInfo and Event tracing APIs in advapi32.dll.
  • (1041274) - Web: Fixed crash when unused assets are unloaded during texture creation in UnityWebRequest.
  • (1045453(1041034)) - Web: Fixed crash when sending the same UnityWebRequest twice.
  • (953054) - XR: Fixed calling Camera.SetStereoProjectionMatrix switching rendering method to Multi-Pass.
  • (878834) - XR: Fixed splash image does not appearing in headset.
  • (878454) - XR: Fixed headset rendering breaking during play modeif scene window is focussed.

Revision: 5ab7f4878ef1

Changeset: 5ab7f4878ef1

Unity 2017.4.8f1

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