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New platform update offers revenue opportunity

Unity Ads introduces brand ads

Be among the first to access the new features, including a whole network of advertisers competing for space in your game -- and paying top dollar.

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In-game advertising the right way

A new report based on a survey of over 2,000 mobile game developers and players how to monetize your game with rewarded video ads in a way that keeps players engaged.

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Developers: Now you can earn ad revenue without sacrificing the game experience

You no longer need to rely on the 3% of players that make in-app purchases. Unity Ads is designed to become a natural part of your game that actually enhances your players’ experience. Clients such as Next Games, Halfbrick, and SEGA are already tapping into the power of Unity Ads to monetize their entire player base with rewarded video ads. In fact, Unity is one of the most trusted companies in gaming with staying power backed by a network of over 1B gamers across the globe.

Whether you offer your gamers a chance to earn more currency, extra life, or double their score in exchange for watching a short video, the power is in their hands. Your players can choose to watch the ad at the right place and time in their game experience - putting more money in your pocket over the gamer’s lifetime with the highest ARPU of any global rewarded video ad network.


Create a positive player experience instead of focusing on misleading metrics like eCPM & fill rates. When ads become a natural part of the gameplay, it drives ARPU - and the ultimate goal - greater player lifetime value (LTV).


Give your gamers an incentive to engage by offering them rewarded video ads - that enhance gameplay and become part of the story.


Introduce rewarded video ads in a smart, unobtrusive way without interrupting gameplay, keeping your gamers happy and coming back for more.

Simple setup

Get started fast. If you use the Unity Engine, integration’s as simple as flipping a switch. If not, it just takes a few minutes to implement our universal SDK. Should questions arise, our expert account team is ready to help you every step of the way. Learn more

"Our success wouldn’t have been possible without Unity’s great tools. Unity Ads brings something extra – something that creates a good feeling for the player, benefits the advertiser, and most importantly, increases our average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU).”

Jami Laes

Co-Founder and CEO, Futureplay

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Advertisers: Get the highest quality audiences delivered to your doorstep

By using proprietary targeting technology that learns as it goes, Unity Ads delivers new customers to advertisers such as Machine Zone, Elex-Tech, and Cheetah Mobile. Coupled with our gaming expertise, we attract the players most interested in your game so you get the highest-quality gamers.

  • With over 1B global gamers (but who’s counting), get your game discovered across one of the game industry’s largest video-only networks.
  • Our Machine Learning Based Targeting delivers to advertisers the most relevant eyeballs.
  • Since we focus on integrating rewarded video ads into our publishers’ core gameplay, our network delivers new and more engaged customers to your doorstep.
  • Our dedicated account team goes the extra mile to ensure advertisers’ campaigns are optimized to their fullest potential.
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