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Monetize all of your players

Unity Ads allows you to supplement your existing revenue strategy by allowing you to monetize your entire player base - including the ever-important 97% (industry average) of players that will never make an in-app purchase.

Industry-leading eCPMs

Advertisers pay more for quality players from Unity Ads, giving you higher eCPMs

High Global Fill Rate

With strong demand, we’re able to provide you with great fill rates around the globe

Built-in to the Unity Engine

Unity Engine user? No SDK necessary! Unity Ads is fully integrated with the Unity Engine.

Universal SDK for Easy Integration

You don’t have to use Unity to benefit from Unity Ads, our universal SDK integrates in minutes. Learn more

"With Unity we have achieved great results on our mobile shooter All Guns Blazing with over 30% of our players regularly watching ads. By integrating the ad experience into our game we have a solution for players where they choose to watch ads for cinema chips which in turn delivers significant ARPDAU for us. These ads help to monetise non paying players without negatively impacting retention.”

Steve Brett

Head of Marketing and Analytics, Eight Pixel Square

Acquire High-Quality Players

By focusing on gaming, Unity Ads is able to more selectively target players that are most likely to be interested in your game This provides advertisers with high-quality users that are engaged, spend more money, and have an overall greater lifetime value (LTV).

  • Get your game discovered by 1bn+ real gamers globally
  • Full campaign customization/targeting with dedicated support
  • Video-only network, the best-performing ad format
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