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A majority of the top 2D games in the world are made with Unity. In fact, hundreds of thousands of creators rely on Unity for regular updates with the latest and best tools for developing, launching and earning revenue with 2D games. Learn what Unity provides and how you too can benefit.

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Everything you need to create, launch and achieve ongoing success with 2D games

Focus on the outcome

More than an engine, Unity gives you everything you need to develop quality content, boost your productivity, and connect with your audience.

  • Join a thriving community
  • Fully extensible editor
  • Get ready for business!

Join a thriving community

Extensive resources, including

documentation, tutorials and forums

The largest marketplace for assets and tools

with thousands of resources to speed up your projects

Support from the world’s most active group of game developers–

gain inspiration, learn from your peers, and hire or be hired

Take advantage of an all-in-one, fully extensible editor

2D/3D support

streamlines the workflow for 2D, 3D or the best combination

A rich set of features

including tools for scene editing, animation, particle system authoring and audio mixing


to your specific workflow and production needs

Native high performance and graphics

for mobile with support for Metal and Vulkan

Get ready for business!

Optimize revenue and user-retention

With integrated IAP, ad network and real-time analytics tools

Reach users on every platform

Easy to build and deploy to all major and and emerging mobile platforms

Explore new opportunities

Migrate your successful mobile games to desktop and consoles or mobile VR

For Team Dots, there’s no substitute for Unity

The 2D creators talk about how their multi-disciplined team love working in Unity and why they can’t imagine going back to anything else. The Two Dots puzzle game has been played an incredible 5 billion times and reached the number one game rank in 103 countries.

The best games rely on Unity as a platform for their success

From in-house tech to Unity

Get insights from the studios behind brilliant titles like Hearthstone, The Bridge, Grow Home, Plague Inc., and Hitman Go about why they switched from in-house tech to Unity, including:

  • Impact on work processes
  • Lessons and best practices
  • Technical considerations
  • ROI and benefits
  • Evaluation checklist
  • Top adoption tips

2D tools, features and workflows

The all-in-one editor offers the latest and best tools for developing, launching and earning revenue from 2D games.

Sprite workflows

  • Import sprites and automatically slice them from texture sheets
  • Scale & compression control for optimization and multiplatform deployment
  • Layered sorting

The largest marketplace for 2D assets and tools

Find thousands of 2D assets that help you focus more on what inspires you most, and ultimately, ship your game faster and at a higher quality.

2D physics

  • Box2D physics
  • Comprehensive range of rigid bodies, joints and colliders
  • Enable physics gameplay with just a few clicks in the editor
  • Define physical behavior with Physics Materials
  • Define custom collision shapes with Polygon Colliders


  • Dope sheet and curve animation for sprites
  • Animate any property in your game
  • Automatically create animated Sprites from spritesheets

Level up your 2D game development

Unity 2D tutorials and learning resources


  • Combine 2D and 3D
  • Lighting with sprites
  • Particle systems with sprites

Tips and tricks for 2D developers

How do you get started with Unity for 2D?

Get a practical guide with information and resources that will get you on your way, save you time, and help you gain the most value when developing 2D games using Unity.

Read the 2D guide
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