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Deliver dynamic experiences powered by data insights

Take advantage of our natively integrated analytics toolkit to create customized experiences based on individual behavior and traits—on-the-fly. The Final Fantasy XV demo below shows how to make tailored updates without having to redeploy the game.

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Access, analyze, and act

Access data insights across all devices. Track player behaviors specific to your app. Analyze user behavior the way you want. Act upon the insights in real-time to customize the user experiences.

All the tools you need are now in one place and natively integrated with Unity.

Oculus Rift
Google Cardboard Android & iOS
Steam VR PC & Mac
Gear VR
Windows Mixed Reality
Apple ARKit
Google ARCore
Linux/Steam OS
Web Player
  • Native Integration
  • Standard Events
  • Raw Data Export (PRO)
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Livestream (PLUS) (PRO)
  • Heatmaps (PRO)
  • 360 Video Heatmaps (PRO)
  • Remote settings

Native Integration

Unity Analytics is natively integrated with Unity, so there is no SDK to worry about. With just a few clicks, you will have instant access to critical metrics about user engagement, retention, and revenue from the dashboard.

An integral part of the Unity Engine, Unity Analytics requires no maintenance or update efforts and provides the best run-time performance, unlike third-party plugins.

Track player behavior specific to your game

Standard Events are a set of curated custom events focused on player experience. Understand your players based on the following metrics:

Standard Events is designed to work seamlessly with Unity Analytics, and you can use the new Analytics Event Tracker to implement them without writing a line of code.

Learn more about Standard Events.

*If you are on 2017.2 or below, please follow this link to download the package.

Take full control of your data

The Raw Data Export API gives you full control of your own data and how you use it. You can build your own data pipeline, run customized queries or even plug the raw data into your favorite business intelligence tools.

Avoid the hassle of messy SDK integrations and having to set up your own data collection and storage infrastructure. With one-click integration, there’s nothing to slow you down. Raw data Export gives you faster and easier access to your data.

Learn how to use Raw Data Export.

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Visualize your game data in one intuitive dashboard


Gain a high-level overview of how your game is being used.

Data Explorer

Dive deeper into specific use cases with behavioral segments; annotate dates to track feature releases, or historical events.

Funnel Analyzer

Understand player progress (and where they get stuck).

Segment Builder

Address different audiences by creating player groups based on unique game scenarios and behavioral patterns.


Visualize your game events in real time, measure the impact of your promotions right after launch and track custom events that matter to your game! Livestream opens all these possibilities and many more:

  • Count new users and new logins at game launch
  • Observe event spikes through real-time geo-mapping
  • Track time sensitive custom events to enable immediate action
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Gain insights through game-specific spatial events

Heatmaps provide a visualization of spatial events that occur in your game. Where do players die? Where do they score kills? Which roads are most travelled in your game? By collecting the data from hundreds or even thousands of plays, you begin to assemble a large-scale picture of how your players experience your game. The patterns that emerge can help you tune your game. So you can improve your game economy, reduce the gameplay difficulty curve and increase the level of player enjoyment.

Learn what’s new in Heatmaps and how to set up heatmaps.

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Discover important 360 user behavior insights

Unity Analytics 360° Video Heatmaps show you where your viewers look and how they react. A new component—the Heatmap Sender—samples which direction viewers are gazing and sends that data to the Unity Analytics service. You can then view the collected data overlaid on the video itself in the Unity Editor. The more people who look at the same area of the video, the hotter that part of the Heatmap overlay appears.

Learn more about 360 Video Heatmaps.

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Update your game without redeployment

With Remote Settings, you can change your game for different segments in an instant. Remote Settings removes the need for developers to go through the lengthy process of modifying the game and then waiting for users to update the app. Use Remote Settings to:

  • Roll out features gradually and monitor impact
  • Keep users engaged and increase revenue
  • Deliver native and high performance graphics

Remote Settings is designed to work seamlessly with Unity Analytics and includes an Editor plug-in to make getting started fast and easy. Learn how to set up Remote Settings.

Reports and trends

News and events

Machine Learning

Our Machine Learning tools, combined with the Unity platform, promote innovation. To further strengthen the Machine Learning community, we provide a forum where researchers and developers can exchange information, share projects, and support one another to advance the field.

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Data Mystery: The case of the missing revenue

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence,” wrote Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in one of his Sherlock Holmes mysteries. The Unity Analytics team would have to agree. Unity Analytics gives you easy access to important information, which gives you the insight you need to make sound decisions about your games. Like what, you ask.

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Unity Analytics forum

Ask questions, give product feedback, or even just share ideas.

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Learn how to use analytics to segment and understand your audience and get actionable insights into your player's' behavior.

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