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Unity for Cinematic VR

Pull your audience into new worlds using the leading platform for VR. With groundbreaking features like Timeline and the Post-Processing Stack, you can create truly captivating content for the next frontier of filmmaking.

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Award-winning experiences by pioneers of XR and film

Create immersive experiences

  • Build interactive, linear stories where the viewer can participate
  • Enable viewers to pause, enjoy, and play with their surroundings
  • Branch narratives with triggered events and alternate endings
  • Create action or puzzle-based interludes for viewers to bond with characters
  • Create a ‘lobby’ that establishes the context for viewers before the experience

Enjoy an efficient, real-time workflow

  • Experiment with low-stakes creation to save time and money
  • Iterate in real-time – add or edit CG and visual effects instantly
  • Tap into the Unity community for tips, resources, and customization ideas
  • Collaborate with creators on Unity Connect for project support

Reach the widest audience

  • Maximize your audience across all the latest and greatest VR platforms
  • Update published projects, such as for episodic content, without re-submitting
  • Create your own app
  • Bring your IP to other mediums, such as AR and mixed reality
Oculus Rift
Google Cardboard Android & iOS
Steam VR PC & Mac
Playstation VR
Gear VR
Windows Mixed Reality

“I'm honestly not sure how we would have built Zero Days VR without Timeline.”

— Elie Zananiri, Lead Interaction Developer at Scatter

“One of the great things about working in Unity is the incredible community of talented creators working to push the medium forward.”

— Aaron Koblin, Co-Founder & CTO at Within

Tools and features in Unity for Cinematic VR

  • Timeline
  • Animation System
  • Particle System
  • Audio


Focus on storytelling
  • Integrate linear sequencing and blending of animations, sounds, and so on
  • Create cutscenes and trailers by orchestrating objects, animations, and sounds
  • Work with the multi-track interface (control track)
  • Add a recorder/exporter

Animation System

Smoother workflow
  • Improve keyframing workflow - make animating feel more comfortable and familiar
  • Create better interaction with animator state-machines
  • Enable a smooth workflow for keyframing outside of the animation window
  • Preview clips without having to be in an autokey/rec mode

Particle System

Realize your vision and control performance
  • Use Particles for more effects and animations than ever, including lit lines and trails
  • Take advantage of better atlasing and batching of Particle Systems
  • Align particles to their velocity direction
  • Apply forces to the Colliders they hit using the Collision module


Give users a sense of presence
  • Enjoy integrated support for ambisonic audio clips, the full-sphere surround sound technique
  • Rotate sound fields based on the listener’s orientation and head rotation

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