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Whether you’re a large studio or an indie with big dreams, Unity offers the simplest way to drive revenue across your entire player base with In-App Purchases & Ads for mobile games.

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More than an engine, Unity delivers everything you need to develop quality free-to-play mobile games, engage and retain players, and drive the highest possible Lifetime Value (LTV).

  • It’s quick and simple – No more SDK!
  • Unified auction puts your performance first
  • Better data leads to higher LTV

It’s quick and simple – No more SDK!

Just flip a switch to activate

For Unity developers, all ad components are natively integrated in the Unity engine and can simply be enabled with the flip of a switch.

Codeless and multiplatform

Not only is IAP codeless across iOS, Mac, Google Play, and Windows, it’s also FREE!

See how easy it is to activate Ads and IAP.

Unified auction puts your performance first

Clear results, highest revenue

Unlike with mediation, an open auction doesn’t make your ad performance data disappear into a black box, nor does it cause player burnout from ad redundancy.

With various advertising sources bidding for your inventory on an even playing field, the highest bid wins.

You’ll be able to follow along in real-time to see that we put your performance first by driving the highest Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU).

See why Unified Auction drives higher revenue.

Better data leads to higher LTV

Smart algorithms, solid data, fantastic results

From the small fraction of players who spend, to those that never spend a dime, we’ve got you covered. Our data will help drive optimal results by offering the right message at the right time to the right players.

Think of it this way. IAP are for players who spend, game ads for those who are more likely to install, and brand ads to those that never install games. Either way, it ends up putting more money in your pocket.

See best practices that mobile developers use to make money.

The most successful mobile game creators count on Unity

They started small and now thrive with Unity

Indie devs with big dreams

Read what the mobile game community thinks about rewarded video advertising

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This survey of over 2000 mobile game developers and players contains hard data on the current trends in monetization. After reading it, you’ll understand how to capitalize on the enormous potential of rewarded video ads.

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Do it right

Learn how to build money making methods within the lifecycle of a mobile game.

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Unity is the all-in-one platform for mobile game success

Unity delivers everything you need for your mobile development workflow–from rapid prototyping to continuous improvement of live operations to earning maximum revenue. Use it to develop quality content, grow your business, and get support from a thriving community. Learn more at:

Unity for Mobile

Acquire the most valuable mobile players

For developers of all sizes, user acquisition is vital to keep a fresh pipeline of new players. With a highly engaged audience, Unity offers you the reach and the creative ad formats needed to optimize results.

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