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Made with Unity projects star at the Sundance Film Festival, New Frontier

Where VR/AR technology meets film, art, live performance and music

Park City, Utah January 19-29

Photo by Raffi Asdourian

The world's leading storytellers are choosing Unity to bring their VR and AR visions to life. And we're celebrating the many artists and creators who have been accepted into the New Frontier initiative, paving the way for the next generation of art and entertainment.

Discover more below about these fascinating Made With Unity projects and the talent behind them.
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by Baobab Studios

From the director of Madagascar comes ASTEROIDS! the highly anticipated follow‐up to “INVASION!,” the studio’s first VR animation and winner of top awards, from Tribeca to Cannes.

In ASTEROIDS! you take on the role of a helper‐bot alongside a pair of quirky aliens, Mac and Cheez, in a completely immersive story filled with humor, excitement and compassion. Joined by their other robot sidekick, Peas, you wait for a chance to prove your worth on a dangerous mission in deep outer space.

The full Asteroids experience will be premiering at the Sundance Film Festival. The date for consumer release is coming soon.

Experience ASTEROIDS! on Daydream and Samsung Gear VR + Oculus and HTC.

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Life of Us

by Within

Life of Us is a shared VR journey from Within that tells the complete story of the evolution of life on Earth. A Within original, in association with Annapurna, with music by Pharrell Williams.


by MAP Design Lab and MPC VR

Set to David Bowie’s iconic track, Heroes, filmmaker and storyteller Melissa Painter and her key collaborators have crafted a mixed reality experience across film, AR, and VR.

Utilizing Microsoft Hololens, you can observe and interact with dancers from the renowned Helios Dance Theater, manipulate their environment and even hold them in the palm of your hand. Heroes explores how emergent storytelling can help visualize the abstraction of movement, the relationship between two bodies, and the space in between.

Experience Heroes on Microsoft Hololens and Oculus Gear.


More pioneering projects

Explore more Made with Unity film experiences that are breaking the boundaries of VR and storytelling at New Frontier.

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