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Unity 2019: Performance by default, high-fidelity real-time graphics, and artist tools

An all-in-one Editor that extends to match your production workflow

The Unity Editor features multiple tools that enable rapid editing and iteration in your development cycles, including Play mode for quick previews of your work in real-time.

  • All-in-one editor: Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, it includes a range of artist-friendly tools for designing immersive experiences and game worlds, as well as a strong suite of developer tools for implementing game logic and high-performance gameplay.
  • 2D & 3D: Unity supports both 2D and 3D development with features and functionality for your specific needs across genres.
  • AI pathfinding tools: Unity includes a navigation system that allows you to create NPCs that can intelligently move around the game world. The system uses navigation meshes that are created automatically from your Scene geometry, or even dynamic obstacles, to alter the navigation of the characters at runtime.
  • Efficient workflows: Unity Prefabs, which are preconfigured Game Objects, provide you with efficient and flexible workflows that enable you to work confidently, without the worry of making time-consuming errors.
  • User interfaces: Our built-in UI system allows you to create user interfaces fast and intuitively.
  • Physics engines: Take advantage of Box2D, the new DOTS-based Physics system and NVIDIA PhysX support for highly realistic and high-performance gameplay.
  • Custom tools: You can extend the Editor with whatever tools you need to match your team’s workflow. Create and add customized extensions or find what you need on our Asset Store, which features thousands of resources, tools and extensions to speed up your projects.
  • Better Collaboration: See what others are working on, right in the Unity editor where you spend most of your time.
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A workspace for creative people

The Unity Editor is a creative hub for 3D artists, 2D artists, designers and developers. It includes 2D and 3D scene design tools, storytelling and cinematics, audio and video systems, Sprite management tools, particle effects and a powerful dopesheet animation system.

  • Storytelling: Create stunning cinematic content and gameplay sequences with Timeline.
  • Cinematic content: Control shots just like a movie director with Cinemachine’s smart and dynamic cameras.
  • Color grading and effects: Create the look you want with professional and fully featured Post Processing FX.
  • Animation: Animate directly within Unity with Timeline, animation tools like the 2D animation package, animation rigging, particles, and tight integration with Maya, 3ds Max and other third-party tools.
  • Shader Graph: Author shaders visually and see the results instantly.
  • VFX Graph: Create stunning VFX ranging from simple to complex and see the results in real-time, without needing to write code.
  • Level design and prototyping: Rapidly design, prototype and play-test your levels with ProBuilder, then blend textures and colors, sculpt meshes and scatter objects with Polybrush.
  • Round-tripping: Detail and polish your 3D models on-the-fly with Unity's seamless integration of digital content-creation (DCC) tools like Maya and 3ds Max, including the FBX Exporter.
  • Lighting: Get instant feedback with the Progressive Lightmapper, polish and hone your scene with Post Processing, and optimize your scene with Mixed Lighting Modes for the best result per target platform.
  • Video tools: Import and configure video clips into Unity and feed it directly into a texture parameter for playback at runtime.
  • Audio tools: Import or record audio into Unity and apply effects to make your levels and scenes more immersive.
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Unlock your CAD data for real-time development

Through our partnership with PiXYZ software, the best-in-class solution for optimizing 3D data, we offer all you need to quickly import, manage and optimize your large CAD assemblies into Unity for real-time visualization projects.

PiXYZ takes the guesswork and heavy lifting out of the CAD data-prep equation, ensuring all your CAD files are optimized for Unity, regardless of the source. Going from CAD import to real-time publishing has never been so easy!

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Automate your workflow with Cloud Build

Cloud Build enables continuous integration and build management by compiling milestone builds for multiple platforms simultaneously and allows builds to be shared among the team.

  • Automated workflows: Spend more time creating by setting up automatic builds in the cloud for your project.
  • Concurrent builds: Create builds in parallel for multiple device targets and types of users.
  • Distribute everywhere: Get the right builds to the right teammates, all delivered in the cloud.
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A suite of integrated Collaboration tools

Leverage our suite of integrated collaboration tools and services to get your idea into production and players’ hands.

  • Collaborate enables those unfamiliar with source control systems to leverage its benefits through an intuitive UI that is integrated into the editor. With new features coming in 2019, Collaborate will also be able to support large projects.
  • Integrations keeps you up-to-date with changes in your project or notifications from user reports. Use Integrations to connect Unity’s services like Collaborate and Cloud Diagnostics to productivity and communication tools like Slack, Jira, and Discord.
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Focus on what matters

Game Foundation provides off-the-shelf common game systems that are flexible and fully extensible so that you can save time to focus on building what matters, unique gameplay.

  • Flexible and fully extensible: Flexible API and Unity Editor workflow to build systems like inventory, game commerce, and player progression.
  • Automatic data instrumentation: Events are automatically tracked by analytics, enabling deep insights without writing a single line of code.
  • Higher quality game projects: Obtain tested and proven game systems that utilize best practices instead of starting from scratch.
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Engine performance

Optimize your interactive creations with a top performing engine that keeps on improving

  • Advanced profiling tools: Continuously optimize your content throughout development with Unity’s profiling features. Check to see if your content is CPU or GPU-bound, for example, and pinpoint those areas that require improvement, so you can provide your audience with a smooth-running experience.
  • Native C++ performance: Benefit from our cross-platform native C++ performance with the Unity-developed backend IL2CPP (Intermediate Language To C++) scripting.
  • Scripting runtime Mono /.NET 4.6 / C# 7.3
  • High-performance multithreaded system: Fully utilize the multicore processors available today (and tomorrow), without heavy programming. Our new foundation for enabling high-performance is made up of three sub-systems: the C# Job System, which gives you a safe and easy sandbox for writing parallel code; the Entity Component System (ECS), a model for writing high-performance code by default, and the Burst Compiler, which produces highly-optimized native code.

Graphics Rendering

Bring your game alive in the day with sun shafts or take your players down midnight streets glowing with neon signs or into shadowy tunnels.

  • Real-time rendering engine: Produce amazing visual fidelity with Real-Time Global Illumination, Raytracing and Physically Based Rendering.
  • Native Graphics APIs: Unity supports multiplatforms, but still stays close to the low level graphics API of each platform, allowing you to take advantage of the latest GPU and hardware improvements, like Vulkan, iOS Metal, DirectX12, nVidia VRWorks or AMD LiquidVR.
  • Scriptable Render Pipeline: create custom render pipelines or pick the best configuration for your project, the new HDRP or Universal Render Pipeline (formerly the Lightweight Render Pipeline) from Unity.
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Universal Windows Platform
Mac OS
Microsoft HoloLens
Windows Mixed Reality
Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Steam VR PC & Mac
PlayStation VR
Gear VR
Apple ARKit
Google ARCore
Magic Leap
Google Cardboard Android & iOS
Facebook Gameroom
Android TV
Xiaomi Mi GameCenter
Intel x86 Android

Build once, deploy anywhere to reach the largest possible audience on our industry-leading platform

  • 25+ platforms across mobile, desktop, console, TV, VR, AR and the Web.
  • More platform support than any other creation engine: With Unity, you can reach the widest audience and feel confident that your IP is future-proof, no matter how the industry evolves or where your imagination takes you.
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Powering over two-thirds of VR and AR experiences

Unity is the preferred development tool for the majority of XR creators. Used by everyone from AAA game studios like Ubisoft, top creative agencies like Wieden+Kennedy, space pioneers at NASA, top Hollywood directors like Neill Blomkamp and Eric Darnell, and even our friends at Google for their Tiltbrush and Blocks experiences, Unity is your best and most valuable solution for jumping into the latest and greatest immersive technologies.

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Jump-start your development and get to the finish line faster

Whatever your problem or need, the Asset Store is home to the solution.

  • Off-the-shelf content to enhance your Unity project and make development faster and easier
  • Massive catalog of paid and free content
  • Whatever you need: Art, models, scripts, productivity tools, and more
  • Bring your projects to life from prototype to production with Snaps assets packs
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Identify, collect, and prioritize user feedback in real-time

Cloud Diagnostics is a suite of cloud-enabled tools that help you gather user feedback. React in real-time to keep your users engaged.

  • Real-time iteration: Get bug, crash, and exception reports in real-time via the Cloud Diagnostics dashboard.
  • In-depth reporting: In addition to descriptions of the user feedback, Cloud Diagnostics enables you to collect screenshots, saved games, videos, and more to ensure you can quickly identify what needs to be fixed.
  • Integrations with top communications tools: Cloud Diagnostics supports integrations with Email, Slack, Discord, JIRA, and more so you can easily communicate on your team to update your application.
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Cloud-enabled for today’s most popular experiences

From dynamic single player games to real-time multiplayer games and beyond, connected games are the most popular and successful. Unity is building a suite of tools, engine agnostic services, and infrastructure needed to create these kinds of games, and to scale to any level of success. We are taking our first steps forward by focusing on real-time multiplayer games.

  • Game Server Hosting from Multiplay: Scalable and resilient game server hosting solutions backed by premium support and expert consultancy services. Multiplay supports studios like Respawn Entertainment and PUBG Corp in delivering the best player experience for some of the biggest games on the planet.
  • Game Communications from Vivox: Deliver the best player experience with Vivox’s managed hosted solution for voice and text chat. Easily integrate the technology trusted by games like Fortnite, PUBG, League of Legends, and Rainbow Six Siege.
  • More tools and services in preview: Integrated matchmaking with Multiplay, plus a new network stack with a lean server runtime for the largest and fastest games.
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Democratizing live games

Whether you’re a new indie studio, or an established global publisher, we love game makers of all shapes and sizes! ChilliConnect provides the backend technologies and live ops tools you need to make your games a success.

  • Game services: Scalable game backend services running player accounts, multiplayer, virtual goods, cloud save, leaderboards, messaging, gifting, and more.
  • Live ops toolkit: Enterprise-class live ops toolkit. Manage game economies and run A/B tests, live events, and promotions with immediate player feedback.
  • Analytics: Integrated analytics out-of-the box, with no extra effort required. Segmented KPIs, full raw data access, and warehousing option available.
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Advertising solutions to reach your audience

Unity offers a variety of advertising solutions for brand advertisers, performance marketers and demand-side platforms.

  • Performance Advertising: Acquire valuable users at scale through a complete and flexible buying platforms to access, target, and convert users to grow your business.
  • Brand Advertising: Reach a vast global audience of mobile users and engage them with a variety of highly immersive, emotional, and positive brand experiences.
  • DSPs: Unity Unified Auction, our real-time bidding exchange, allows DSPs to access high-quality in-app inventory, comprehensive advertising formats, and billions of users.
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The simplest way to increase revenue

Unity offers built-in solutions to maximize your success.

  • LTV Optimization: Ensure the best player experiences by delivering the engagement that drives the most long-term revenue - whether it’s ads or in-app purchases.
  • Ads: Generate the highest eCPMs with quick ad integration and full auction support for the formats that deliver the highest value - like rewarded video, playables, and AR.
  • In-App Purchases (IAP): Implement in-app purchases and surface promotions in your game, saving you significant engineering hours while generating more revenue.
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