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Everyone should have the right to create

At Unity, we believe that in order for a creative community to thrive, it must be open to people of all backgrounds, genders, and perspectives.

Recent travel restrictions and discrimination against certain nationalities have threatened our core values and impeded the global collaboration, learning, and progress that is vital to our industry and its continued success.

Unity Without Borders is a sponsorship program supporting the impacted developers who are not able to move freely and attend industry events like GDC.

The sponsorship:

A trip to Unite Europe

Unity will be offering 50 developers a trip to Unite Europe - a global conference where you can:

  • Unlock the full creative potential of the Unity engine
  • Meet up and brainstorm with fellow Unity devs, experts, and industry leaders
  • Get a peek at what Unity will be providing in the future

For each sponsored participant, Unity will provide a Schengen Visa sponsorship packet and reimbursement for visa fees, plus a round-trip airline ticket to Amsterdam from your country of residence, four nights of hotel accommodation, a per diem allowance, and a ticket to Unite Europe in Amsterdam (June 26-29, 2017). For more details about what is included, read the FAQ.

Applications are now closed.

You will be contacted via email if you are selected.

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Frequently asked questions

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If I live in the United States of America (on a visa or greencard), and am selected to participate, should I be concerned about the US travel ban?

I know people from Syria or Iran who cannot access the web page to apply. What should they do?

Do I need a Unity ID in order to apply?

Do I need a Connect profile in order to apply?

Do I have to be a professional developer?

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What does the trip include?

Will I be able to invite a friend or colleague to come with me?

How will you use my personal information?

Can I still visit Unite Europe even if I do not get selected?