Activation guide

Step-by-Step Guide to Online Activation of Unity 5

  1. Download and install the Unity Editor.
  2. Start up the Editor from your Applications folder on OS X or the shortcut in the Start Menu on Windows.
  3. You will be faced with a window titled “Choose a version of Unity”, you will then need to select the version of Unity you wish to activate by checking the tick box of the appropriate option and clicking “OK” to proceed.
    1. To activate an existing Unity 5.x Serial number generated by the Store or a member of our Sales Team, check the “Unity 5 Professional Edition” box and enter the appropriate Serial number. Once the Serial number has been entered your license Type will be displayed on-screen.
    2. To activate the Free version of Unity, check the “Unity Personal” box.
    1. If you are activating Unity Personal, you will encounter the “Unity Account” window. Here you will need to enter your Unity Developer Network account credentials. (If you don’t have an existing account or have forgotten your password, simply click the respective “Create account” and “Forgot your password?” button and links. Follow the onscreen prompts to create or retrieve your account.) Once your credentials are entered you can proceed by clicking “OK”.
    2. If you are activating Unity Pro you will be presented with a series of questions so we can get an idea of what kind of developer you are and how you are using the editor.
  4. “Thank you for your time” you will now be able to proceed to the Unity Editor by clicking the “Start using Unity” button.
  5. You’re all done!

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Step-by-Step Guide to Manual Activation of Unity 5

The Editor will automatically fall back to manual activation if Online Activation fails, or if you don’t have an internet connection. Please see the steps below for an outline on how to manually Activate Unity 5.

  1. As above, Unity will fall back to Manual Activation, should the Online Activation fail. However, you can manually prompt Unity to start the Manual Activation procedure by navigating to “Unity>Manage License…” within the Editor.
  2. In the “License Management” window, hit the “Manual activation” button.
  3. You should now be faced with a dialog displaying three buttons:
    1. “Cancel” will take you back to the “License Management” window.
    2. “Save License” will generate you a license file specific to your machine, based on your HWID. This file can be saved in any location on your physical machine.
    3. “Load License” will load the activation file generated by the Manual Activation process.
  4. You will need to generate a license file; in order to do this, click the “Save License” button. Once clicked you will be faced with the window “Save license information for offline activation”. Here you can select a directory on your machine to save the file. NOTE: You must generate the license file using the target machine on which you intend to use Unity.
  5. Once saved, you will receive a message stating that “License file saved successfully”. Click “Ok” to proceed.
  6. Now, you’ll need to minimise the Editor and navigate over to within your Browser (if on a machine without an internet connection, you’ll need to copy the file to a machine that does and proceed there).
  7. You now need to enter the Serial number you wish to activate and navigate to the file you generated in Step 4, uploading it in the appropriate field. When your Serial number has been entered and your file selected, click “OK” to proceed.
  8. Nearly done! You should have received a file in return, as with Step 4, save this to your machine in a directory of your choice.
  9. Moving back into Unity, you can now select the “Load License” button. Again, this will open up your directories within your hard drive. Now, select the file that you just saved via the Web form and click “OK”.
  10. Voila, you’ve just completed the Manual Activation process.

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Managing your Unity 5 license

With Unity 5 you are able to manage your license independently. Below is a guide to how this system works and performs.

In the Unity drop-down on your toolbar there is an option called “Manage License…”. This is the unified place within the Editor for all your licensing needs.

Once you have clicked on the “Manage License…” option you will be faced with the “License Management” window. You then have four options, explained below:

  1. “Check for updates” cross-references the server, querying your Serial number for any changes that may have been made since you last activated. This is handy for updating your license to include new add-ons once purchased and added to your existing license via the Unity Store.
  2. “Activate a new license” does what it says on the tin. This enables you to activate a new Serial number on the machine you’re using.
  3. The “Return license” feature enables you to return the license on the machine in question, in return for a new activation that can be used on another machine. Once clicked the Editor will close and you will be able to activate your Serial number elsewhere. For more information on how many machines a single license enables use on, please see our Licensing and Activation FAQ.
  4. “Manual activation” enables you to activate your copy of Unity offline. This is covered in more depth above.

To return an activated license via your Unity account

  1. Go to the Unity Store:
  2. Click "My Account", then sign in to the account which is linked to the license. Or, if you haven’t assigned your license yet, click Add License.
  3. Click "Activations"
  4. Click "Disable all activations" on the license added.

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