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Unity 2018.1: Graphics rendering, next-gen runtime and more artist tooling

Unity continues to deliver new & improved integrated tools for artists & designers, helping teams to better work together in the editor and with other artist tools. Unity 2018.1 beta introduces its next-gen runtime tech with a new high-performance multithreaded system, which takes full advantage of multicore processors, and new Scriptable Render Pipelines (SRP), which give you control of the powerful real-time rendering engine.

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Watch “Book of the Dead”
  • Scriptable Render Pipelines
  • C# Job System & Entity Component System
  • Shader Graph
  • Particle System Improvements
  • And much much more...

Scriptable Render Pipelines

The SRP project aims to redefine how Unity does rendering at all levels. Up until now, rendering has been very strictly defined by Unity. There were of course hook points into the engine allowing you to modify behaviour, but it was quite limited. SRP opens up the rendering engine in Unity for you.

How to get started

C# Job System and Entity Component System

Unity has been working on a new high-performance multithreaded system, which will make it possible for your game to take full advantage of the multicore processors available today without any heavy programming headache. This is possible thanks to the new C# Job System, which makes it safe and easy for you to write parallel code in sandbox. We are also introducing a new model to write performant code by default with ECS.

An early look at the technology was presented at Unite Austin keynote by Unity‘s CTO Joachim Ante, which you can watch below.

More info coming soon.

Shader Graph

The Shader Graph enables you to build your shaders visually. Instead of hand-writing code, you create and connect nodes in a graph network. With the Shader Graph, you can:

  • Procedurally alter your surface appearance
  • Warp and animate UVs
  • Modify the look of your objects using familiar image adjustment operations
  • Change your object’s surface based on useful information about it, its world location, normals, distance from camera, etc.
  • Expose to the material inspector what you think is important to edit for your shader
  • Share node networks between multiple graphs and users by creating subgraphs
  • Create your own custom shader graph nodes through C# and HLSL

To get started, download the sample project, open it with Unity 2018.1 beta, and start exploring! We have a forum post with basic instructions, where you can also share your feedback.

Particle System improvements

The Particle System now supports GPU Instancing, and when rendering meshes, new options to the Velocity over Lifetime module allow you to make particles travel relative to a defined center point.

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And much much more...

  • Shaders: Granular compilation target requirements
  • New BuildReport API
  • Editor Presets
  • Tessellation for Metal
  • 2D Physics - Multithreaded Simulation (experimental)
  • Stereo 360 Capture (experimental)
  • GPU Instancing support for GI
  • Sprite animation API (experimental)2D character animation
  • DCC workflow improvements - FBX++/SVG/Alembic
  • AR Crossplatfom Kit (ARCore/ARKit API)
  • XR Device SDK
  • Fast Asset import & Scene loading
  • Package Manager UI
  • HD Render Pipeline (inc XR)
  • LT Render Pipeline (inc XR)
  • Template Projects
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Watch “Book of the Dead”

Book of the Dead

Unity’s award-winning Demo Team (the creators of Adam) is excited to announce Book of the Dead, a first-person interactive demo showcasing the capabilities of Unity 2018 for powering high-end visuals for game productions.

Book of the Dead demonstrates what is possible when using Unity 2018’s new Scriptable Render Pipeline, which provides enhanced customizability of Unity’s rendering architecture, putting more control in the hands of the developers.

The project is built on the new High-Definition Render Pipeline template shipping with Unity 2018 and various powerful customizations enabled by the SRP. A preview of the High-Definition Render Pipeline is coming as part of the 2018.1 public beta cycle.

Learn more about the demo.

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  6. Influence the future of Unity
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Win Unity Gear

By participating in the 2018.1b you get the chance to win cool Unity gear. We’re giving a Unity Gear set to 25 lucky testers. Each set includes a logo hoodie, a logo tee and a metal camp mug from the Unity Gear store.

Read more about the sweepstakes.

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