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Unity 2018.2: Graphics rendering, next-gen runtime and more artist tooling

Unity continues to deliver new & improved integrated tools for artists & designers, helping teams to better work together in the editor and with other artist tools. Unity 2018.2 beta adds improvements across the board, from improved workflow to powerful real-time rendering engine.

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  • Particle System improvements
  • Texture Mipmap Streaming
  • TextMesh Pro integration
  • Scriptable Render Pipeline improvements

Particle System improvements

The Trail Renderer will now retract smoothly, meaning no more abruptly vanishing vertices. Lines and Trails now have a new scripting API that bakes their geometry into the supplied mesh.

Unity now allows up to eight texture coordinates to be used on meshes and passed to shaders.

Particle Systems will now convert their colors into linear space, when appropriate, before uploading them to the GPU.

Unity 2018.2 introduces a new scripting API, for baking the geometry of a Particle System into a mesh.

Texture Mipmap Streaming

The Texture mipmap Streaming system gives you control over which mipmap levels are actually loaded into memory. Normally Unity will load all the mipmap levels that are stored on the disk, but with this system you can take direct control over which mipmap levels are loaded.

Typically a system like this is used to reduce the total amount of memory required for textures by only loading the mipmaps needed to render the current camera position in a scene. The trade-off is a small amount of CPU cost in exchange for a large saving in GPU memory.

TextMesh Pro integration

TextMesh Pro becomes a default package in 2018.2.TextMesh Pro is a replacement for Unity’s existing text components like Text Mesh and UI Text. It makes it possible to render text cleanly at any point size and resolution.

Scriptable Render Pipeline improvements

In 2018.1, we launched Scriptable Render Pipeline as a preview, and high-definition rendering pipelines (HD RP) as preview. In 2018.2 beta, we continue to improve HD RP working towards making it ready for production.

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