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Improved Prefab workflows, new default scripting runtime, isometric 2D Tilemaps

Unity continues to deliver new and improved tools for developers, artists and designers. The new beta will help your team work better together both in the editor and with other tools. From improved Prefab workflows to isometric 2D Tilemaps, Unity 2018.3 beta adds improvements across the board.

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  • Improved Prefab workflows
  • Terrain System Improvements (Preview)
  • Isometric 2D Tilemaps
  • High Definition Render Pipeline (Preview)
  • New Default Scripting Runtime
  • Editor Improvements
  • Code size
  • Physics Improvements
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Improved Prefab workflows

With 2018.3 beta, you can get early access to features that can make a big difference to your Prefab workflows, including Nested Prefabs, Prefab Variants and Prefab Mode.

The new Prefab workflows allow you to split up scenes and Prefabs on a granular level. They give you greater flexibility, increase your productivity and enable you to work confidently without worrying about making time-consuming errors.

Terrain System Improvements (Preview)

Unity 2018.3 will ship with an update to the terrain system. This update features better tools and improved performance by taking advantage of GPU processing and adds support for the HD and LW render pipelines while being backwards compatible with the built-in render pipeline and the existing Unity Terrain system.

Isometric 2D Tilemaps

The world-building 2D Tilemap tool now enables you to build isometric tilemaps. You can use isometric tilemaps to easily create 2D tycoons or simulation games, to name just a couple examples. The Tilemap renderer is capable of doing per-tile sorting and optimized dynamic batched rendering. This gives you great flexibility allowing you to create isometric worlds where tiles can obscure objects. Designers will now be able to make their characters go behind buildings, trees and other objects.

High Definition Render Pipeline (Preview)

For this release of Unity, we added a new set of improvements to the HDRP. There’s a number of much-asked-for features, including mesh decals, a stack-lit shader that enables filmic quality, and a reflection system, which gives artists greater control over the quality and transition between light probes – allowing you to minimize light leaking.

New Default Scripting Runtime

With 2018.3b, we changed the default scripting runtime to .NET 4.x. The old .NET 2.0 runtime has been deprecated and support for it will be dropped in a future release.

In addition to this, projects that are targeting the .NET 4.x scripting runtime will be able to make use of the open source Roslyn C# compiler. The migration to the Roslyn compiler brings the latest C# 7.2 language features, improves compatibility, and reduces compilation time.

Editor Improvements

We’re introducing a unified Settings window for Project Settings and Preferences. This new window is dockable and searchable, making interactions with its contents much more convenient.

We also improved editor tabs by adding selection highlights, making them scale with text length and giving you the ability to scroll through open tabs if their combined width exceeds the boundaries of their window.

Code size

We have standardized managed code stripping across all platform player settings. The Stripping Level option has been replaced by a new Managed Stripping Level option. This new option is available for all platforms and both mono and il2cpp scripting backends.

To help you make your games as small as possible, we’ve introduced a new Aggressive Managed Stripping Level. This option is only available when targeting the .NET 4.x scripting runtime and will be experimental in 2018.3.

With the managed code stripping improvements and size improvements made to il2cpp, builds targeting the .NET 4.x runtime will be comparable in size to the old .NET 2.0 runtime.

Physics Improvements

With 2018.3b, comes an update of the PhysX physics engine from 3.3 to 3.4. This is not a major feature-focused upgrade but nevertheless represents the result of a few years of evolution in areas like performance and accuracy. Among the benefits of this update is up to 20x faster convex mesh cooking performance.

Furthermore, we have added multi-scene physics support for 2D and 3D. You can now run multiple scenes with physics simultaneously without them affecting each other.

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