Release notes

Known Issues in 2021.2.0b3

  • 2D: 2D Animations crash when entering Play Mode (1338523)

  • AI: Crash with ComputeTileMeshJob when generating Navmesh (1329346)

  • Asset Importers: [MacOS] Second Unity instance in Activity Monitor is "not responding” after importing (1331736)

  • Audio: Crash on AudioMixer_CUSTOM_FindSnapshot when passing null as an argument to FindSnapshot() (1341752)

  • Audio: Error is thrown when Audio Clip is selected in the Project Browser (1345239)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where input events are not always captured by the game view when target frame rate is set. (1331894)
    First seen in 2021.2.0a2.
    Fixed in 2021.2.0b4.

  • GI: Fixed an issue where lightmap references would be lost when entering playmode after the scene is saved. (1339841)
    First seen in 2021.2.0.
    Fixed in 2021.2.0b4.

  • Global Illumination: Crash while sculpting Terrain and Baking Lightmaps (1266511)

  • Graphics - Analysis Tools: (Frame Debugger) Clear events constantly appear and disappear (1341163)

  • HD RP: HDRP Template fills the Console with "Shader error...couldn't open include file" messages after building the project (1342989)

  • IL2CPP: [Mono Upgrade] Il2CPP player fails to start on Windows 7 (1340258)

  • IMGUI: Editor's Toolbar is sometimes replaced by a white bar when opening any Scene (1341951)

  • Input: Touch Input doesn't work in Play Mode when running an Editor on a Touchscreen device (1341159)

  • Linux: Editor crashes at 'GfxFramebufferGLES::SetBackBufferColorDepthSurface' or freezes when creating a new shortcut profile (1334874)

  • MacOS: Non-development macOS Standalone builds with IL2CPP scripting backend have invalid signature, causing them not to run (1348307)

  • Metal: Performance in Game View is significantly impacted by Gfx.WaitForPresentOnGfxThread when a second monitor is connected (1327408)

  • Mobile: [Android] Build fails when there are 680 or more files in the Streaming Assets folder (1272592)

  • Mobile Graphics: [iOS] Player crashing when connecting external Display via USB-C port (1321153)

  • Packman: User can't easily configure location of both UPM and Asset Store package local cache (1317232)

  • Quality of Life: Crash in SerializedProperty::IsValid when reordering a SerializedProperty list (1320319)

  • Scene Management: Crash on BuildPrefabInstanceCorrespondingObjectMap when overriding nested prefab inside AssetDatabase.StartAssetEditing() block (1324978)

  • Scene Management: Recent Scenes break after upgrading project (1338322)

  • Scene/Game View: Editor performance in the Scene View regressed drastically when multi selecting GameObjects (1329140)

  • Scripting: DomainReloadTests performance tests have regressed due to removal of built-in support for Visual Studio as a code editor (1336648)

  • Scripting: Increased Script Assembly reload time (1323490)

  • UI Toolkit: [Shadergraph] "Transform" node no longer appears in searcher when typed (1344825)

  • Video: Video player fails to start playing and null handle errors are thrown when running Unity Editor/Build with specific hardware (1237818)

  • Vulkan: Linux Editor using Vulkan crashes at " GfxDeviceVK::EnsureValidBackbuffer" when showing tooltips for ProBuilder buttons (1335846)

  • WebGL: [iOS] Video is not playing (1288692)

  • WebGL: WebGL fails building on Windows 7 (1340260)

  • Windows: Editor crashes when exiting and keeping a tutorial project (1338299)

New 2021.2.0b3 Entries since 2021.2.0b2

API Changes

  • Graphics: Added: Added class for drawing shadow cascades UnityEditor.Rendering.ShadowCascadeGUI.DrawShadowCascades.

  • Graphics: Added: Added common include file for meta pass functionality. (1211436)

  • Graphics: Added: Added IndentLevelScope (for VolumeComponentEditor child class only) to handle indentation of the field and the checkbox.

  • Graphics: Added: Added OverridablePropertyScope (for VolumeComponentEditor child class only) to handle the Additional Property, the override checkbox and disable display and decorator attributes in one scope.

  • Graphics: Added: Allowing Rendering Layer Names to not collide in UI. Includes a new API RenderPipelineAsset.prefixedRenderingLayerMaskNames to fetch a unique list of rendering layer mask names for UI needs.

  • Graphics: Removed: Removed GraphicsFormatUtility.GetDepthStencilFormat(int) after being public for two alpha releases.

  • HDRP: Added: Added a minimum motion vector length to the motion vector debug view.

  • HDRP: Added: Added a shortcut to HDRP Wizard documentation.

  • HDRP: Added: Added support for reflection probes as a fallback for ray traced reflections. (1338644)

  • HDRP: Added: Added support for Unlit shadow mattes in Path Tracing. (1335487)

  • HDRP: Added: Added support of motion vector buffer in custom postprocess.

  • HDRP: Added: Added tooltips for content inside the Rendering Debugger window.

  • URP: Added: Added Render Settings Converter to the Render Pipeline Converter, this tool creates and assigns URP Assets based off rendering settings of a Builtin project.

  • URP: Added: Two new URP specific scene templates, Basic which has a camera and directional light, then Standard which has the addition of a global volume with basic post effects setup.


  • HDRP: Changed the Channel Mixer Volume Component UI.Showing all the channels.

  • HDRP: Depth of field at half or quarter resolution is now computed consistently with the full resolution option. (1335687)

  • HDRP: Hair uses GGX LTC for area light specular.

  • HDRP: Moved supportRuntimeDebugDisplay option from HDRPAsset to HDRPGlobalSettings.

  • HDRP: Replaced the context menu by a search window when adding custom pass.

  • HDRP: TAA jitter is disabled while using Frame Debugger now.

  • HDRP: When a ray hits the sky in the ray marching part of mixed ray tracing, it is considered a miss.

  • Package: Added the Code Coverage package to the Engineering feature set.

  • URP: Stripping shader variants per renderer features instead of combined renderer features.


  • Asset Import: Unity no longer uploads texture data to the GPU during texture importing, fixing a video memory leak that happens in some long import cases. (1324536)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed searching in the object selector would for some searches only show icons even if previews could be shown. (1309396)

  • Audio: Fixed OnAudioFilterRead does not working as expected with respect to the component enable checkbox. (1338710)
    First seen in 2021.2.0.

  • Burst: Fixed Burst's handling of stack-recovery, in the editor, on Apple Silicon hardware. (1345235)

  • Editor: Fixed undo on the Advanced Object Selector using the Search Picker not reverting the object field to its original value. (1336998)

  • Graphics: Fixed alignment in Volume Components.

  • Graphics: Fixed Light Layers with duplicate names being hidden in Light or Renderer component. (1335982)

  • Graphics: Fixed memory leak when changing SRP pipeline settings, and having the player in pause mode.

  • Graphics: Fixed regression where RenderTextureDescriptor.depthBufferBits or RenderTexture.depth could return GraphicsFormat.None when setting the properties to 24 or 32 bit. (1340405)

  • Graphics: Skip wind calculations for Speed Tree 8 when wind vector is zero. (1335487)

  • HDRP: Fixed aliasing artifacts that are related to numerical imprecisions of the light rays in the volumetric clouds. (1340731)

  • HDRP: Fixed an issue where disabled reflection probes were still sent into the the ray tracing light cluster.

  • HDRP: Fixed an issue where enabling GPU Instancing on a ShaderGraph Material would cause compile failures. (1338695)

  • HDRP: Fixed an issue with asymmetric projection matrices and fog / pathtracing. (1330290)

  • HDRP: Fixed an issue with resolution dependence for physically based depth of field.

  • HDRP: Fixed bad feedback loop occuring when auto exposure adaptation time was too small.

  • HDRP: Fixed cases in which object and camera motion vectors would cancel out, but didn't.

  • HDRP: Fixed custom pass volume not executed in scene view because of the volume culling mask.

  • HDRP: Fixed exposure issues with volumetric clouds on planar reflection.

  • HDRP: Fixed HDRP material upgrade failing when there is a texture inside the builtin resources assigned in the material. (1339865)

  • HDRP: Fixed issue with sky settings being ignored when using the recorder and path tracing. (1340507)

  • HDRP: Fixed nullref when enabling fullscreen passthrough in HDRP Camera.

  • HDRP: Fixed object outline flickering with TAA.

  • HDRP: Fixed Pixel Displacement that could be set on tessellation shader while it's not supported.

  • HDRP: Fixed remapping of depth pyramid debug view.

  • HDRP: Fixed sceneview debug mode rendering. (1211436)

  • HDRP: Fixed some resolution aliasing for physically based depth of field. (1340551)

  • HDRP: Fixed tessellation displacement with planar mapping.

  • HDRP: Fixed the shader graph files that was still dirty after the first save. (1342039)

  • HDRP: Fixed the transparent cutoff not working properly in semi-transparent and color shadows. (1340234)

  • HDRP: The HDRP Wizard is only opened when a SRP in use is of type HDRenderPipeline.

  • macOS: Fixed Dedicated Server installation not being detected properly. (1345084)
    First seen in 2021.2.0b1.

  • Profiler: Fixed System.Thread threads tracking and visualization in Timeline view of Profiler Window. (1339407)

  • Shadergraph: Fixed a ShaderGraph issue where a material inspector could contain an extra set of render queue, GPU instancing, and double-sided GI controls.

  • Shadergraph: Fixed GPU instancing support in Shadergraph. (1319655)

  • Shadergraph: Fixed indent level in shader graph target foldout. (1339025)

  • Shadergraph: Fixed ShaderGraph BuiltIn target not having collapsible foldouts in the material inspector. (1339256)

  • Shaders: Fixed a regression in draw call performance after switching to dynamic keyword limits. (1333713)
    First seen in 2021.2.0a16.

  • URP: Fixed ShaderGraph materials to select render queue in the same way as handwritten shader materials by default, but allows for a user override for custom behavior. (1335795)

Changeset: bb7e34618385