A uniquely extendible tool

Thanks to Unity’s carefully designed APIs and the generosity, creativity and professionalism of the Unity community, it’s improbably easy to extend the Unity engine in more ways than you’d ever have imagined.

Extend the editor yourself, or choose from over 1700 free and paid extensions on the Unity Asset Store.

Create highly-optimized content

Use Unity’s tools to deliver reliable performance, smooth framerate and superb player experience across target platforms. Create games that perform better at runtime, reduce graphics bottlenecks and take control of asset loading.

Amazing visual fidelity, rendering power and ambience

Make your game look just how you envisaged it with Real-time Global Illumination and our physically-based shader. From luminous day, to the gaudy glow of neon signs at night; from sunshafts, to dimly lit midnight streets and shadowy tunnels – create an evocative dynamic game to enthrall players on any platform.

Rapid iteration

Unity’s Play Mode is an incredibly powerful development tool for rapid iterative editing. Press Play and instantly you are inside your game, playing and previewing how it will look in its platform-specific final build. Pause it, and alter values, assets, scripts and other properties, and instantly see the results. And, you can step through your game frame by frame for easy debugging.

Unmatched import pipeline

Just drop your assets into Unity and they’ll import automatically.

image formats
audio formats
video formats
text formats

What’s in the box?

With Unity you get all this out of the box, with no supplementary licenses necessary:


  • Retargetable animations
  • Full control of animation weights at runtime
  • Event calling from within the animation playback
  • Sophisticated State Machine hierarchies and transitions
  • Blend shapes for facial animations
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  • Enlighten-powered Real-time Global Illumination
  • Physically-based shading
  • Reflection probes
  • Curve and gradient-driven modular particle system
  • Intuitive UI tools
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  • Advanced memory profiling
  • Umbra-powered occlusion culling
  • Asset bundling
  • Level of detail support
  • Build size stripping
  • Multi-threaded job system
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  • Real-time mixing and mastering
  • Hierarchies of mixers, snapshots and predefined effects
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2D and 3D Physics

  • Box2D with a comprehensive range of effectors, joints and colliders
  • NVIDIA® PhysX® 3.3
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  • C# and JavaScript
  • Native Visual Studio integration
  • AI features with advanced automated path finding and Navigation Meshes
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