Unity 5 engine overview

The full lowdown all the features available now in Unity 5.

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Scripting with C#, JavaScript or Boo

Action-Packed Physics

Life-Like Animation

One-Click Deployment

Optimized Graphics

Unmatched Import Pipeline

64-bit Editor

Fully Extendible Editor



Blend Trees

State Machines

Integrated Animation Editor

Inverse Kinematics

Sync Layers and Additional Curves


Physically-Based Shading

Shuriken Particle System

Enlighten-powered Real-time Global Illumination

Low-Level Rendering Access

Dynamic Fonts with Markup

Static Batching

Render-to-Texture Effects

Full-Screen Post-Processing Effects


Automatic Sprite Slicing

Automatic Sprite Animation

Alpha Cutout

Sprite Packer

2D physics

3D Physics

Multithreaded Simulation

Cloth Component

Advanced Vehicle Physics

Super-Accurate Collision Detection

Bake-free Scaled MeshCollider Support


Occlusion Culling


Level of Detail

Deferred Rendering

Stencil Buffer Access

GPU Skinning for DirectX 11 and OpenGL ES 3.0

Fully-Fledged Streaming with Asset Bundles

Dynamic Batching


.NET Socket Support

Inspector GUI for custom classes

Access to Web Data Through WWW Functions

Open a URL in the User's Browser

Native Code Plugin Support

Script Access to the Asset Pipeline


Transition the mood of your soundscape

Native Audio Plugins

Hierarchies of mixers

Call scripts from within the animation playback

And the rest...

External Version Control Support


Integrated SpeedTree support

Multiplayer Networking with RakNet

NavMeshes and Path-Finding

Net Streaming (not supported on iOS)

iOS Crash Reporter

Linux headless player

Instantaneous playtesting