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Build Games Faster

Cloud Build makes it simple and easy to create and share builds of your game. It automatically compiles, deploys, and tests your game so you can iterate quickly with your team. Setup takes seconds and works with your existing source control repository.

Cloud Build is included with Unity Teams Advanced.

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More velocity for Unity Teams

Cloud Build simplifies and automates your workflow, so your team can ship higher quality games faster.

Automated workflows

Automatically create builds in the cloud.

Use less time maintaining your own build processes.

Concurrent builds

Build for multiple projects, platforms, customers.

Scale up as you create more builds for more cases.

Distribute everywhere

Builds are saved and hosted in the cloud.

Easily share and deploy builds to team members.

How Cloud Build works

1. Setup

Point Cloud Build to your version control system.

2. Trigger

Commit a change to your project.

3. Build

On trigger, a build is automatically created.

4. Deploy

Team is notified when the build is ready to play.

Creators love Cloud Build

Unity teams that use Cloud Build spend more time doing what they love - creating.

Use Cloud Build today

Included with Unity Teams Advanced.

Unity Teams Advanced

Starting at $9 per month

Perfect for growing teams and projects. Get 25GB of storage, Cloud Build, and the ability to add more team seats.


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