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Unity for artists and designers

You can use Unity alongside your other art tools to generate content and iterate on it directly in the Unity Editor. Because you see the results in-context as you work, your productivity goes up and you’re able to tell a better story.

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User-friendly tools


In-editor content creation


Fast & fluid in-game iteration

Focus on storytelling, not coding, with Timeline

Timeline gives you the power to create gorgeous cinematic content, cutscenes, and gameplay sequences using your game objects, animations, sounds and scenes.

Cut shots like a movie director with Cinemachine

With Cinemachine’s suite of smart cameras, you don’t have to worry about the technical details of implementation. Instead, you can focus all your creative energies on art direction.

Cinemachine automates camera behaviors and dynamically triggers the best shots based on scene composition and interaction. The result is the best shot at the best time, without painful tweaks and reworking.

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Create high-quality visuals with the Post-Processing Stack

The Post-Processing Stack enables artists and designers to apply realistic filters to scenes using professional-grade controls. The artist-friendly interface makes it easy to create and fine-tune high-quality visuals for dramatic and realistic effect.

Unity for artists and designers

Now you can easily create cinematic content and gameplay sequences yourself, without needing an engineer. Spend more time doing, and less time queuing.

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