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Unity Multiplayer (UNET) has been deprecated. Visit our features page to see what other features Unity has to offer. Learn more.

Unity Multiplayer

Create real-time, networked games

Unity Multiplayer is the simplest way to create multiplayer games for Unity. It’s fast to implement and highly customizable. Unity-provided servers ensure that your players can find and play with each other.

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Easy to Implement

Unity Multiplayer uses the component workflow you already know so you can implement and prototype networked features quickly.


Low level APIs grant you access to the core of the Unity Multiplayer’s framework, so you can optimize your game for a networked environment, however you want to.

Backed by Unity

Unity Matchmaker Servers makes it easy to connect your players. Unity Relay Servers brokers network traffic to ensure quality sessions between your players no matter where they are.

Play a Game

Tanks!!! is a fully featured game made with Unity Multiplayer. See what Multiplayer can do for you.

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Get it on Google Play
Get it on Google Play
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See how Tanks!!! addresses real world problems like cheating and latency. Code, assets, docs, all of it. For Free.

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And watch our Video walkthrough.

What our customers say

"With Unity Multiplayer we found a solution that enabled us to offer a rich multiplayer experience that is ready to scale"

Steven Derks

Destruction Crew

"Unity Multiplayer made it easy for our small team to implement network functions while being flexible to support our fast paced game."

William Tan

Rocktastic Games

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Unity Multiplayer is included with all Unity plans.

Unity Personal


Concurrent players

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Unity Plus


Concurrent players

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Unity Pro


Concurrent players

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Ready to release your game?

Go live. Get as much capacity as you need for games that you’re going to ship. Pay only for traffic that use Unity Matchmaker and Relay servers.

$0.49 / GB

Game Pace

Turn based

Card games, board games

Slow action

Casual action games

Real time

Racing, Action RPGs, and Shooters

Fast action

Demanding real time games

Monthly active players









3.4% of games will attract more than 10,000 CCUs.

Concurrent players refers to the number of people playing your game at any given time. This calculator assumes 100 Monthly Active Players is equivalent to 1 Current Player.

More than 50 messages per second is abnormally high for most real time multiplayer games.

More than 160 bytes per message is abnormally high for most real time multiplayer games.

More than 10% utilization is abnormally high for most multiplayer games.

Expected Utilization refers to the number of people playing your game, on average, accounting for activity variations such as weekends and night time.


Monthly active players:
Concurrent players:
Total bandwidth/month:
Price per GB:


Estimated players/month


Estimated cost/month


What kind of projects is Unity Multiplayer best suited for?

Do I have to use Unity Matchmaker and Relay servers?

What network topologies does Unity Multiplayer support?

What does “Concurrent Players” mean?

Where is Unity Multiplayer infrastructure located?

When should I consider my game "Ready to Release"?

What platforms can Unity Multiplayer be used for?

What do I need for my Multiplayer game to be "Ready to Release"?

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