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Welcome to the new home of Unity for serious games. Development and design studios, multinational corporations and government organizations all use the Unity game development engine. They are creating successful and award-winning 3D content for military simulation, medical training, virtual reality, architecture, advertising and retail.

Unity 2014 cross industry highlight reel

What is Unity?

Unity is a feature rich, fully integrated development engine that provides out-of-the-box functionality for the creation of interactive 3D content.

You use Unity to assemble your art and assets into scenes and environments; add physics, light, video, audio and post-processing special effects; play test, edit and optimize your game, and when ready, publish to your chosen platforms, such as desktop computers, web browsers, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kinect and CAVE's™.

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Why Unity for serious games?

Unity’s complete toolset, intuitive workspace, productive workflows, and Community help users to drastically reduce the time, effort and cost of making professional games and 3D content. Key Unity benefits include:

Rapid production

A smooth asset pipeline and fast scene building; on-the-fly play testing and editing; efficient optimization of performance, and one click access to the Community, Documentation and the Asset Store keep your game making highly productive.

Cinematic graphics and sound

Transform your game into a refined, polished product with high-quality, high-performing lighting options, post-processing special effects and particle systems; audio filters for resonant scenes, and render-to-texture effects for extra nuance and realism.

Realtime networking

Unity makes realtime networking easy. With just a few changes to your existing code, you can turn a single-user scenario into a networked multiplayer virtual world. When running in a web browser, the deployed Unity Web Player seamlessly communicates with the container web page. The Unity Web Player has received certification to be installed on secure networks for the US Army and US Air Force.

Performance optimization

Unity delivers smooth framerate and superb game play experiences across target platforms. Optimize game play every step of the way with the Unity Profiler, while platform-specific run- and build time optimizations ensure a smooth-running application.

Made with Unity

Hirsh Log Homes


Virtual Showrooms

By ZeroLight


By Brad Hammond

3D Watch Configurator

By Elementals Studio

3D KPI Application with 800xA

By ABB Control Technologies

3D Taj Hotel

By Real Visual

Dinosaurs Unearthed Augmented Reality Experience

By Geomedia, Inc.


By Real Visual



Minto Longbranch - Interactive Visualisation


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Multiplatform publishing

Unity gives you the freedom to target multiple platforms from a single project. When your game is ready, you simply select “Build & Run” from the drop-down menu. Choose your platform and relax while your application automatically compiles, installs and launches.

Community and learning

Unity Forums, Unity Answers—along with the Unity Asset Store, our comprehensive Documentation and free step-by-step collection of tutorials—help users to stay motivated, and learn about, and leverage, crucial shortcuts, optimizations and tools.

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