Patch 2017.1.3p3

Released: 6. April 2018

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We are happy to announce Unity 2017.1.3p3. The release notes and the corresponding issue tracker link for issues fixed in this release are as shown below.

As always, patch releases are recommended only for users affected by those bugs fixed in that patch.


  • (999831 (990267)) - Asset Import: Fixed crash when importing fbx .meta files that contains references to non-existing scripts.
  • (944221) - Asset Import: Fixed importing animation with negative custom framerate.
  • (1010406) - Editor: Fixed undoing the activation of a UI layout component did not undo the side effects to the children RectTransforms.
  • (925835) - Editor: Fixed Skinned Mesh not being removed on undo.
  • (1006537 (937499)) - Editor: Fixed Editor start when the network is poor.
  • (None) - Editor: Fixed Input field staying highlighted after Enter key is pressed.
  • (998407) - Editor: Fixed dragging sliders producing multiple undo steps.
  • (950671) - Editor: Fixed "Errors: "Assertion failed: Editor Camera already has a render stack set... recursive rendering" and memory leak.
  • (1010396 (966172)) - Editor: Fixed driven RectTransforms causing a scene to be constantly flagged as dirty.
  • (926834 (921915)) - Editor: Fixed errors related to temp TLS allocations.
  • (1009688) - Editor: Fixed vsync not always off for scene view.
  • (989476) - IL2CPP: Improved performance of IL2CPP player startup.
  • (760222) (845851) (953606) - iOS: Fixed Standard shader specular highlights on mobiles.
  • (972995) - iOS: Added support for iPhone X second stage splash screen.
  • (None) - Multiplayer: Fixed server active disconnect client for web sockets.
  • (946958) - OSX: Fixed crash in UnitcodeInputView during editor shutdown.
  • (996015) - Windows: Fixed resolution dialog not showing monitor list and crashing on pressing 'Play' button on some weird monitor setups.
  • (1011575 (991127)) - XR: Updated Google VR NDK to 1.130 for Android/1.120 for iOS.

Revision: fc055e6cd68b