Patch 4.5.5p3

Released: 30. October 2014

Download (Mac) File size > 1GB
Download (Windows) File size > 1GB

We are happy to announce Unity 4.5.5p3. The release notes and the corresponding issue tracker link for issues fixed in this release are as shown below.

As always, patch releases are recommended only for users affected by those bugs fixed in that patch.


  • Documentation: Styling for links is less flashy now.
  • Physics 2D: Renamed 'Physics2D.deleteStopsCallbacks' to 'Physics.changeStopsCallbacks' to better represent its purpose (old property is now obsolete).


  • (639299) - Android: Added splitting of level files in APK to fix slow loading problem.
  • (604438) - Android: Avoid reading expensive metrics in DisplayInfo more than once per frame.
  • (600514) - Android: Fixed crash on certain Adreno HW with OS version 4.4.2 or more recent 4.4.x.
  • (none) - Android: Fixed crash on xperia play.
  • (635504) - Android: Fixed forwarding of input events to Java when Unity is paused but activity is still running.
  • (none) - Android: Fixed frame rate on tegra devices when doing GPU profiling.
  • (544272) - Android: Workaround for corrupted font textures on older Adreno drivers.
  • (641698) - Direct3D: Add black bars in fullscreen mode to maintain aspect ratio.
  • (631593) - Editor: Fixed crash on scene load when prefabs have unsaved child objects.
  • (641698), (633449) - Graphics: Fixed custom cursors when hovering over black bars in fullscreen mode.
  • (616670) - Graphics: Fixed incorrect sprite tangent handling on ARM NEON capable devices.
  • (642120) - iOS: Fixed 2nd stage splash screens on iPhone 6+.
  • (635601) - iOS: Fixed crash in Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets after GameCenter login.
  • (none) - iOS: Fixed splash images for iPhone6+ in display zoom mode.
  • (641844) - iOS: Removed unnecessary error messages in GameCenter API.
  • (597261) - Mecanim: Fixed AnimatorController not being built properly when used in prefabs.
  • (641551) - Mecanim: Fixed AnyState transitions disappearing in some specific cases.
  • (639598) - OpenGL: Fixed fullscreen rendering on Windows.
  • (636761) - Physics 2D: Ensure that Physics2D.Raycast(all) does not produce an infinite end-point resulting in nothing being hit.
  • (642989) - Physics 2D: Fixed bad Rigidbody2D interpolation when changing body position via a Transform component change.
  • (586085) - Scripting: Fixed stack overflow in class loader.
  • (633417) - Scripting: Fixed Win32_IN6_ADDR.
  • (576809), (575646) - TouchInput: Switched timestamps from ms to us internally, to avoid 0-length delta times.
  • (640239) - Version Control: Allow changing credentials and reconnect even when a connection is already being established.
  • (none) - Version Control: Get rid of double messages in the console windows from a range of VCS commands.

Also included are the md5sum and file size in order to verify the full installers have been downloaded correctly. If your installer doesn’t work or reports errors it is possible that your installer is incomplete.

Mac: ( Size: 1181030746) ( md5sum: fd6ab1e921cb1c42a01651192ef19900 )
PC: ( Size: 1176717576) ( md5sum: 20dd9c9e84d483431331dc5e596be61e )
Revision: b8dc95101aa8