Patch 4.6.4p1

Released: 1. April 2015

Download (Mac) File size > 1GB
Download (Windows) File size > 1GB

We are happy to announce Unity 4.6.4p1. The release notes and the corresponding issue tracker link for issues fixed in this release are as shown below.

As always, patch releases are recommended only for users affected by those bugs fixed in that patch.


  • UI: Allow dragging anchors outside of bounds of parent when holding down Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) - the same key that disables snapping. This makes it easier to author screen transitions that support multiple resolutions, since content can be animated to move a distance that's a percentage of the screen width or height.
  • UI: Avoid rebatching when moving a Nested Canvas.


  • (677613) - Audio: Fixed the "Disable Audio" option; the flag is now correctly used by the standalone player to disable the audio system.
  • (668622) - IMGUI: Fixed calculation of TextGenerator vertices position when lineSpacing is 0.
  • (683671), (683658) - iOS/IL2CPP: Added a null terminator to string arrays when they were marshaled.
  • (683461) - iOS/IL2CPP: Corrected the behavior of CultureInfo.CreateSpecificCulture.
  • (none) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed a number of problems related to WebRequest and asynchronous I/O:
    • Fixed socket I/O requests getting stuck in ThreadPool on POSIX/iOS.
    • Fixed race condition in Monitor code that lead to 5 second stalls in Monitor.Exit().
    • Fixed ThreadPool not re-using idle worker threads (lead to potentially very high memory consumption and bad performance).
    • Fixed ThreadPool upper thread count limits being very low; now roughly the same as on Mono.
    • Fixed ThreadPool.SetMinThreads() and SetMaxThreads() having no effect.
  • (677402) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed an issue with open delegates that returned void.
  • (673828), (679044), (681132) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed crashes in socket code due to sockets being destroyed too early and prevent Thread.IsAlive from returning true after thread has terminated.
  • (682258) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed a crash with StrangeIOC.
  • (676847), (680379), (672199) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed issues with exception thrown from DateTime constructor, DateTime ToUniversalTime, DateTime ToLocalTime, DateTime IsDaylightSavingTime.
  • (669282) - iOS/IL2CPP: Handle 4D arrays.
  • (none) - iOS/IL2CPP: Handle delegate invoke with nested delegates where the method which is invoked on the outer delegate is a static method.
  • (675298) - iOS/IL2CPP: Handle custom attributes with generic types and arrays of generic types.
  • (none) - iOS/IL2CPP: Now support Type.MakeGenericType for runtime creation of generic types where the generic arguments are reference types.
  • (none) - iOS/IL2CPP: Type.GetType throws an ArgumentException now when the provided type name was wrong.
  • (none) - iOS/ILCPP: Do not emit metadata for generic types at compile time. This significantly decreases the size of the final binary in most cases.
  • (none) - iOS: Added Xcode 6.2 compatibility.
  • (681778) - iOS: Fixed memory corruption and crash initiated by calling WebCamTexture.Stop().
  • (none) - OSX Editor: Avoid App Nap mode in editor's batch mode, so build performance doesn't degrade.
  • (648782) - Rendering: Now the back buffer is cleared after the resolution is changed from a script in Windows standalone.
  • (none) - UI: Caret on InputField now blinks at proper frequency.
  • (643948) - UI: Clamp setting canvas group alpha between 0-1 on API call.
  • (none) - UI: Destroying a RectTransform that is queued to for a layout rebuild would freeze unity.
  • (673538) - UI: Fixed instantiating a prefab containing a Selectables will not throw console errors.
  • (635900) - UI: Fixed an issue where the pointer click world position/normal might not be properly associated with the event if multiple modules or hits were present.
  • (672653) - UI: Fixed Mac-only crash during Canvas sorting.
  • (636209) - UI: Fixed nested masking not getting the correct stencil value and failing.
  • (663249), (663250) - UI: Fixed a bug where multiple Layout Group components on the same GameObject were not prevented even though it was not supported.
  • (669637) - UI: Fixed bug which caused caret to no longer appear in InputField after game object was deactivated and reactivated.
  • (667690) - UI: Fixed division by zero bug in GridLayoutGroup.
  • (669156) - UI: Only do cut, copy, paste, and select all if holding down just Ctrl (Cmd on Mac), not if additional modifier keys are also held down. This prevents these actions from happening when intending to type characters that use Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) as part of the key combination.
  • (669227) - UI: Prevent out of range exception that happened in InputField under certain circumstances due to an unwanted recursive call.
  • (634179) - UI: UI items now work with Scene View searching.
  • (662200) - Windows Store Apps/Windows Phone 8: When unloading unused assets or switching to another scene, prefabs will be correctly reloaded and won't loose references. Previous behavior was - sometimes textures, mono behaviors, etc in prefabs would be lost, this would result for e.g., in textures not showing up in objects instantiated from prefabs.
  • (674666) - Windows Store Apps/Windows Phone: Fixed NullReferenceException in SerializationWeaver.
  • (677960) - Windows Store Apps: Build&Run disabled when using Unity CSharp projects.
  • (657751) - Windows Store Apps: Mouse presence now is detected by mouse activity, which is much more reliable.
  • (647126) - WWW: Fixed incorrect HTTP status 100 when POST data was relatively large.

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