Patch 4.6.6p2

Released: 12. June 2015

Download (Mac) File size > 1GB
Download (Windows) File size > 1GB

We are happy to announce Unity 4.6.6p2. The release notes and the corresponding issue tracker link for issues fixed in this release are as shown below.

As always, patch releases are recommended only for users affected by those bugs fixed in that patch.


  • iOS/IL2CPP: Load embedded resources in memory-mapped files so that the memory used by those embedded resources is marked as constant.


  • (690295) - Graphics: Fix for asset bundle content changes between subsequent generations due to uninitialised vertex buffer.
  • (691607), (667147) - iOS/IL2CPP: Corrected an exception during code conversion which had the error message "Invalid global variables count" when converting some UnityScript assemblies.
  • (691404) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed a rare case when bytecode stripper would incorrectly strip wrong overloaded generic virtual method.
  • (673249) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed managed stack traces.
  • (691008) - When compiling scripts for the player, appropriate UnityEngine.UI.dll will be referenced now.

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Revision: 91366db9f092
Mac: (md5sum: b325948bcc6ee53c3e5a5f566b17b2e4 ) (Size: 1670301968 bytes)
Windows: (md5sum: 0b2d6ff3d7b83f1d00af9b592fb36ddf ) (Size: 1420019560 bytes)