Patch 5.1.1p4

Released: 8. July 2015

Unity Editor Download Assistant

Component Installers Windows

Component Installers Mac

We are happy to announce Unity 5.1.1p4. The release notes and the corresponding issue tracker link for issues fixed in this release are as shown below.

As always, patch releases are recommended only for users affected by those bugs fixed in that patch.


  • (708137) - iOS/IL2CPP: Avoid boxing of value types during null checks in generic code.
  • (697860) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed codegen issue when using a field type a struct that has no instance fields.
  • (706613) - iOS/IL2CPP: Handle invalid IL generated by UnityScript compiler for delegates.
  • (708137) - iOS/IL2CPP: Speed up generic method calls on value types.
  • (673868) - MonoDevelop: Fixed Unity crash when inspecting enum value in MonoDevelop debugger.
  • (699556) - MonoDevelop: Fixed Unity crash when using the debugger to inspect a property that only has a getter that returns a struct. E.g. Sprite.bounds.
  • (none) - Script Editors: Generate and open solution when External Script Editor is set to Xamarin Studio.
  • (707761) - Update Checker: Wait for Home Window to be closed before checking for updates
  • (704263) - VR: Fix issue where GUI could be inadvertently flipped.
  • (none) - VR: Fix issues with VRSettings.loadedDevice
  • (709060), (703989) - VR: Fix rendering issues when camera parent is scaled.
  • (709350) - Windows Store Apps/Windows Phone: Fix rare build failure while copying plugins.
  • (none) - Windows Store Apps/Windows Phone: Fix Universal apps build, when project name contains whitespaces

Revision: c439df19cd24

Size & md5sum for Mac

Componentmd5sum Size (bytes)
UnityDownloadAssistant-5.1.1p4.dmg 7c735a05c021422f62e394a2d4a72d16 2930567
Unity-5.1.1p4.pkg 5cdeab170a00d87d5459ee599b4cca11 1938599011
Examples-5.1.1p4.pkg cff9dc356e535dc39736f390b74d864d 353558733
StandardAssets-5.1.1p4.pkg 811944f841855ae0526565e5bf4a731e 212321070
WebPlayer-5.1.1p4.pkg d8708dc422e7215aaaa4d3b08a70741f 2787443

Size & md5sum for PC

Componentmd5sum Size (bytes)
UnityDownloadAssistant-5.1.1p4.exe 64c2e1a7a08b1cab8315ecf3cd9d1abb 653664
UnitySetup32-5.1.1p4.exe d5a14d9c7b24550ca7f7e718a897a5f4 1356453960
UnitySetup64-5.1.1p4.exe 7fc37727d475e3f8d5325a979b534be3 1366981744
UnityExampleProjectSetup-5.1.1p4.exe 00ef6062ad8d88aa5089100347fde0d2 295361392
UnityStandardAssetsSetup-5.1.1p4.exe 91e8e35ffb03876de7e9c861d255fc23 212853240
UnityWebPlayerDevelopment-5.1.1p4.exe 3a724cf4ead6847aa15e964f806140b8 7362792

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