Patch 5.1.3p1

Released: 27. August 2015

Unity Editor Download Assistant

Component Installers Windows

Component Installers Mac

We are happy to announce Unity 5.1.3p1. The release notes and the corresponding issue tracker link for issues fixed in this release are as shown below.

As always, patch releases are recommended only for users affected by those bugs fixed in that patch.


  • (710044) - Android: Fix for physics performance spikes on ARM big.LITTLE devices.
  • (717028) - Android: Fix for rendering performance regression when using the low-level native plugin interface.
  • (718243) - AssetBundles: Fix to properly compute the hash value associated to an asset bundle based on the target platform.
  • (717058) - iOS/Il2CPP: Corrected the behavior of Marshal.OffsetOf for structures with explicit packing.
  • (712929) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed the comparison to Epsilon.
  • (661630) , (690171) - iOS/IL2CPP: Implemented the CustomAttributeData.GetCustomAttributes methods for attributes with a default constructor.
  • (701951) - iOS: Added support for Xcode 6.4.0.
  • (708506) - iOS: Added work around issues with Xcode projects generated by Unity.
  • (719156) - Networking: Fix for scene objects with NetworkTransform not synching.
  • (718027) - Networking: Prevent adding network connections that are not ready as observers.
  • (718886) - OSX: Fixed startup crash with Mono.
  • (682891), (694906), 707865) - Physics: Fixed crashes caused by wheel collider.
  • (719328) - WebGL: Fixed "sanity check error" build failure on Windows.

Known Issue:

  • Building for the WebPlayer target may fail with the error: 'MethodAccessException: Attempt to access a private/protected method failed.'

Choose the appropriate installer following the appropriate links at the top of this page.

Also included below are the md5sum and file size in order to verify the full installers have been downloaded correctly. If your installer doesn’t work or reports errors it is possible that your installer is incomplete.

Revision: 8e79cb51fdc7

Size & md5sum for Mac

Componentmd5sum Size (bytes)
UnityDownloadAssistant-5.1.3p1.dmg 42293772408f9072f9c7423102a7da65 2493477
Unity-5.1.3p1.pkg c5d23404e974f0c6ecac83c8711e7745 1936217834
Examples-5.1.3p1.pkg 73ad999dbd1d87c859c5252016b38f02 354005281
StandardAssets-5.1.3p1.pkg 6596911e7353bd0fb150422e3ef85c29 212305226
WebPlayer-5.1.3p1.pkg de8c37943296e8a0f00cc17c21f61345 2787504

Size & md5sum for PC

Componentmd5sum Size (bytes)
UnityDownloadAssistant-5.1.3p1.exe be2dfa34ecc29e7e1807263c26f6af80 653648
UnitySetup32-5.1.3p1.exe 028b29bc942d6e03be877bfb98f467b8 1361875000
UnitySetup64-5.1.3p1.exe 381f944079e5e7ea75eb254acfe8b3d7 1371507912
UnityExampleProjectSetup-5.1.3p1.exe 8707bfc845758b5aba64736d699bcf55 295350616
UnityStandardAssetsSetup-5.1.3p1.exe baa03ad80504d10e3f0ea6b55f274a4d 212805976
UnityWebPlayerDevelopment-5.1.3p1.exe 8ebc49c03dd5d76ae9da7bc78aafa421 7363608